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All cars can be cyber-hacked, either leveraging internal computers or by attaching a disposable kit.

As a general rule, all modern cars that come with an integrated computer are easily hacked.  For older cars one can attack one's own small transponder and kit to do certain things at certain times, such as explode the gas tank or burn through the brake lines, destroying evidence of the attack method in the process.

Phi Beta Iota:  Soviet emissions standards have always been ten to a hundred times tougher than US standards, and the Chinese are known to be able to ride electrical currents into computers.  The US Government has consistently refused to be serious about cyber-anything and even when NSA was given the responsibility, in the 1990's, to protect commercial communications and computing, they refused to do anything that would make it more difficult for them to continue to spy on anyone they wishes, to include the US Congress and senior political appointees in the US Executive.  The entire US infrastructure is based on two major false assumptions: a) that nature will not run smok (nuclear plants built in flood zones is pretty irresponsible) and b) that there will be no deliberate attacks by man (e.g. 50 calibre rounds into selected power transformers).

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