Robin Good: Bi-Lingual Curation “Pills” Open Way to Zip-Code Public Intelligence Building Blocks

Robin Good
Robin Good

Etceter is a new content curation tool which allows you to create and arrange information pages on any topic, by bringing and organizing together web site links, video clips, images and/or original texts. Ay curated information page, containing as many media elements as you need, is called a Pill. You can group and assign different Pills (which are by themselves collections) to broader categories you define and which are called Boxes. On Pills pages you have the option to organize contents into one, two or three columns and you can easily re-arrange items by simply dragging and dropping them into new positions. Etceter Pills and individual media items can be easily shared on social media networks and are directly integrated with Facebook comments under each page. Etceter also provides intelligible SEO-friendly URLs and personal profile pages, all relevant traits of a good curation tool. My comment: Though Etceter looks still in early development (FAQ and other pages are still in Spanish + the Clipboard import feature does not work yet – no bookmarklet) the features and curation approach offered is interesting. In particular the nesting of media items into Pills and Boxes is quite valuable and the possibility to arrange individual items in any way desired is very useful. Video collections work particularly well as well as multimedia info pages on specific topics. Free to use. Promotional video.

Curate Rich Visual Information Pages On Any Topic with Etceter

Phi Beta Iota:  Right now this is primarily in Spanish.  We have urged them to add the Google Translate widget as this has true international potential.  What we note that is remarkable is that we are very rapidly getting to a “virtual” global database in which “pills” can be created for any topic at any location in any timeframe, and then combined in a global to local sparse matrix so that you can pull up everything on poverty in a specific zip code, combine poverty and water for a county, etcetera.  This is what the US secret intelligence community should have been doing for the past 20 years instead of wasting $1.2 trillion on corporate vaporware.  The future of public intelligence is bright.

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