SmartPlanet: Internet 2017, Mind-Control of Devices

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smartplanet logoThree fascinating facts about the Internet of 2017

Every year Cisco publishes its Visual Networking Index, a vast collection of information about Internet traffic, speeds and connection types. While most people focus on the big impressive numbers — 1.4 zettabytes is equivalent to nearly one billion DVDs every day for a year — the really interesting stories are found deeper in the data.

Here are three fascinating facts from this year’s report.

1. Long distance traffic goes local

2. The U.S. reigns supreme

3. Internet traffic will fracture across billions of new connections

Phi Beta Iota:  This is a US centric understanding.  While useful, we see the real value of the Internet exploding in the Southern Hemisphere and leveraging dumb simple hand-helds initially, backed up by call centers and infinitely scalable human networks all connected via the hand-helds and the call centers where human-centric mass computing can be orchestrated.

Pilot a copter with just your thoughts

Using their thoughts alone, five people have successfully maneuvered a flying quadcopter through a 3-dimensional obstacle course. Further developments in this field of brain-computer interfaces may lead to mind-controlled wheelchairs, prosthetic arms, and exoskeleton suits. Popular Mechanics reports.

Phi Beta Iota:  Fascinating and worthy.  The hidden danger is the corruption of the electromagnetic environment.  Soviet and Chinese emission control standards are ten times higher than those of the USA, which very incompetently clutters the electromagnetic specturm to the point that secret and non-secret systems keep jamming each other.  Electromagnetic pollution and contamination will have to be recognized as a hot topic before anything other than tethered mind control can be considered.

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