SchwartzReport: Miami Under Seawater — and Losing Drinking Water

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Our children, grandchildren, and all the generations that follow are going to curse us. As the Republicans in the senate and the house, and their Theocratic Right base block any meaningful action on climate change, and Obama is reduced to doing what he can through executive order, our world is slipping away. The changes are going to be mind-boggling. Here is just one aspect of what is coming. Miami, as this story makes clear, is doomed. As Ha! rold Wanless, the chairman of the department of geological sciences at the University of Miami says, “It’s not a question of if. It’s a question of when.”

Goodbye, Miami
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Even more than Silicon Valley, Miami embodies the central technological myth of our time – that nature can not only be tamed but made irrelevant.

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One of the first consequences of rising seas will be loss of drinking water.

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Miami Beach has other infrastructure problems, too. One of them is how to dispose of the 22 million gallons of sewage the city’s residents create each day.

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Beyond all these fears that keep south Florida’s environmentalists and urban planners up at night, rising sea levels present an even more chilling threat to life in greater Miami. Turkey Point Nuclear Plant, which sits on the edge of the Biscayne Bay just south of Miami, is completely exposed to hurricanes and rising seas. “It is impossible to imagine a stupider place to build a nuclear plant than Turkey Point,” says Philip Stoddard, the mayor of South Miami and an outspoken critic of the plant.

Phi Beta Iota:  A government — and a society — with intelligence and integrity would stop investing in known low-lands and start investing in a mix of mid-size cities, high-speed rail, and massive water desalination and solar power points — and of course decommission all nuclear plants in areas known to be vulnerable to future flooding and nuclear plant implosions.


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