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Nobody does this.  It is precisely what the Director of OMB should be demanding, and it is precisely what the Open Source Agency (OSA) would do if the corrupt powers that be were not so set against anything that provides the truth on every threat, every policy, every demographic, in a coherent holistic manner with true cost economics embedded and ethical evidence-based decision-support as the outcome.

Beyond Whole of Government lies the Smart Nation concept that harnesses the distributed intelligence of all eight tribes (academic, civil society including labor and religion, commerce, government at all levels, law enforcement, media, military, and non-government/non-profit), and beyond that — and probably coming first — lies Open Source Everything (OSE) as the technical solution, and Multinational, Multiagency, Multidisciplinary, Multidomain Information-Sharing and Sense-Making (M4IS2) as the human solution.

Here are a few of the seminal references on Whole of Government Intelligence:

2013  AAINTELLIGENCIA March 2013 — Lead Article On Healing the Americas with an Open Source Agency

2013  Intelligence with Integrity Chapter 1: Public Governance & Public Intelligence

2013 Public Governance in the 21st Century: New Rules, Hybrid Forms, One Constant – The Public [Work in Progress]

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Graphic: 21st Century (Cybernetic) Intelligence Process 2.1 [Corrected, PPT Added]

Graphic: 24/7 Participatory Budget-Policy

Graphic: Changes in Responsibility from Individual to Collective

Graphic: Changing Centers of Gravity for Intelligence in an Open World

Graphic: Citizen-Centered Intelligence I

Graphic: Citizen-Centered Intelligence II (Warning)

Graphic: Core Force for Multinational and Whole of Government Operations

Graphic: Evaluating Intelligence (Decision-Support) – Four Aspects 1.1

Graphic: Four National Reforms

Graphic: Full Spectrum Human Intelligence (HUMINT)

Graphic: Herring Triangle as Published in New Craft of Intelligence

Graphic: Human Intelligence (HUMINT) J-2 Central

Graphic: Humans Matter More

Graphic: Information Commons & Eight Tribes

Graphic: Information Continuum (1995)

Graphic: Information Operations (IO) Cube

Graphic: Information Operations (IO) Eras

Graphic: Information Pathologies

Graphic: Integrated HUMINT/OSINT Management for Defense & Service Strategy & Priorities, Policies, Acquisition, & Operations

Graphic: Integrated Intelligence Product Families

Graphic: Medard Gabel’s Cost of Peace versus War

Graphic: Multinational Decision-Support Centre Concept of Operations

Graphic: Preconditions of Revolution in the USA Today

Graphic: Public Governance & Feedback Loop Integrity Enhanced by Public Intelligence

Graphic: Public Governance in the 21st Century

Graphic: Regional Information-Sharing and Sense-Making Centre

Graphic: Six Circles–Earth Intelligence Network Operational Concept

Graphic: Smart Nation World Brain Pyramid

Graphic: Smart Safe Nation via Intelligence with Integrity in Four Quadrants – USA Fails

Graphic: Strategic Analytic Matrix

Graphic: Strategy for a Prosperous World at Peace

Graphic: Ten High-Level Threats to Humanity

Graphic: Tom Atlee on Whole-System Intelligence

Graphic: UN 0 Big Picture View of Global Intelligence with Integrity Supporting Documents Added

Graphic: Whole of Government Intelligence

Graphic: Whole of Government Management Concept Driven by Open Source Information-Sharing and Sense-Making

Graphic: World Brain Eight Core Sharing Functions

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