DefDog: Intelligence Smoke, the Real Fires are in DoD — and the Coming Crash

Corruption, Government, Idiocy, Ineptitude, IO Deeds of War, IO Impotency

Useful distraction from the real fires in DoD.

Obama defends secret NSA surveillance programs – as it happened

Spy chief strongly defends surveillance, calls it legal

Timeline of revelations about US domestic spying

Top-secret Prism program claims direct access to servers of firms including Google, Apple and Facebook

US intelligence boss calls for criminal investigation over surveillance program leaks

White House Says Congress Was Briefed 13 Times on Surveillance Programs

Phi Beta Iota:  We have no direct knowledge, nor do we wish to cause any harm to any official program.  We agree with DefDog that there are some much more frightening things going on over at DoD, not least of which is the persistent belief in an immaculate nuclear attack that does not wipe out the Gulf States — and the crazies that want to “inconvenience” the Russians in the Mediterranean  We can only imagine the lies being told to the President this week.  935 lies took us to an elective war in Iraq — we are quite certain that an equal number of lies are going to get us into another war we cannot win before this Administration is over.

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