Winn Schwartau: Solar Storms Only Hurt Stupid

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Winn Schwartau
Winn Schwartau


  • Idiots in politics
  • Ignorance in business
  • Apathetic about warnings
  • Arrogance about Preparation

Nothing serious will happen if accurate forecasting of the solar storm is done. If we shut down all power grids during the solar storm, nothing will happen. Put the satellites into the Safe Mode and they are all safe.

Seven Slide Briefing:  SOLAR ONLY

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Phi Beta Iota:  Constant awareness, early warning, and PRE-PLANNED decisive action are essential — not something the USA or most nations are good at  It gets even more interesting if power grids are knocked out and battery operated equipment starts to die, with no replacement batteries or battery recharging options in the near term.  Remember that water and gas do not pump, it's not just electricity that goes down, but everything running on electricity.  It is troubling that NASA has failed to brief the known defensive measure so as to ensure that a global plan can be ready for instant implementation.

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