Gordon Duff: Israel Hit Hard by EU Sanctions Linked to 1949, Not 1967, Borders, and Lack of Israeli Integrity in Dealing with Palestinian Issue

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Gordon Duff
Gordon Duff

Israel Hit with EU War Crimes Sanctions

EU sanctions keep Israel guessing

In a surprise last minute move, the European Union set forth a strong set of economic sanctions against Israel, leaving that nation both surprised and reeling.

The sanctions, stimulated by what the EU refers to as “Israeli intransigence” regarding peace talks with the Palestinians, cover all financial dealings, loans, awards, transfer of “instruments” and severely limiting economic cooperation between Israel and all EU member nations starting in 2014.

The sanctions are against any Israeli “economic activity,” not just within what has been referred to as the “occupied territories” but broad areas of Israel that had been designated for the establishment of an “Arab State” in 1949.

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Phi Beta Iota:  The sanctions are long overdue and are not severe enough.  The EU should also sanction the USA for its continued financial and military assistance to Israel in its genocide against the Palestinians.  US taxpayers should be outraged by what is done at their expense and indirectly in their name.

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