Robin Good: EdShelf for Best Educational Apps

Robin Good
Robin Good

EdShelf is a free web service which allows you to curate, review, rate and organize your favorite educational apps as well as to find and discover the ideal ones for your kids or for the next class you need to teach. Ed apps can be organized into collections which can be further filtered thanks to tags and categories. You can search for tools as well as browse curated categories, most recent additions and popular ones. To keep the quality of new apps included in EdShelf and to protect itself from spam, while you can add at any time a new app and add it to your collections, for any new app added the EdShelf curation team will then review it for inclusion in the general EdShelf database and if accepted, it will add more detailed info to it including video clips, and other relevant info. Here's the official rundown: “edshelf is a directory of tools for education. You can search and filter for specific tools, rate and review tools you've used, access your tools with a single sign-on, receive recommended and featured tools, create collections of tools, and share your collections with friends and colleagues.” My comment: Crowdsourced curation focusing on a very fast-growing and much in-demand niche: educational apps and tools. Simple to use. Excellent tool for finding relevant apps for different educational uses. Intercepts a specific need. Promising. Free to use. More info: FAQ: Reviews: *Added to Curation for Education section of Content Curation Tools Supermap

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