Robin Good: Exploring Curation as a Core Competency in Digital and Media Literacy Education

Culture, Design, Education, Innovation
Robin Good
Robin Good

How can content curation be used in education to support and enhance the development of new media literacy skills?  Paul Mihailidis from the Department of Marketing Communication at Emerson College in tandem with James N Cohen from the School of Communication at Hofstra University, have outlined six different ways in which content curation can be utilized as a key methodology to develop critical thinking, analysis and communication skills.  Their analysis is based on the actual use of Storify, a content curation tool, for specific educational objectives.  Useful as a reference framework for introducing content curation within pedagogical programmes. 8/10

Abstract: In today’s hypermedia landscape, youth and young adults are increasingly using social media platforms, online aggregators and mobile applications for daily information use. Communication educators, armed with a host of free, easy-to-use online tools, have the ability to create dynamic approaches to teaching and learning about information and communication flow online. In this paper we explore the concept of curation as a student- and creation-driven pedagogical tool to enhance digital and media literacy education. We present a theoretical justification for curation and present six key ways that curation can be used to teach about critical thinking, analysis and expression online. We utilize a case study of the digital curation platform Storify to explore how curation works in the classroom, and present a framework that integrates curation pedagogy into core media literacy education learning outcomes.

Teaching Points (expanded upon in cited work):

Teaching point #1 – Where top down and bottom up meet

Teaching point #2 – Integrating mediums, messages, platforms

Teaching point #3 – Sources, voices, and credibility online

Teaching point #4 – Framing, bias, agenda and perspective

Teaching point #5 – Appreciating diversity

Teaching point #6 – Empowering civic values and civic voices

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