Robin Good: Where to Find Hot Trending Fluff Online

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Robin Good
Robin Good

SEOMomma provides some really useful pointers for finding “trending content” online:

  1. takes you to where Google curates the trending queries, if you can find something here that you can spin and link to your niche you could get a nice bump in traffic.
  2. everyone loves ‘top tens’ and at this links Google curates the most popular ‘top ten charts’ song to space objects. Children’s TV to Politicians, whisky to coffee and lots I between. It may inspire you to produce your own ‘top ten’.
  3. will give you a list of trending hashtags and will give you what’s trending on Twitter.
  4. has general subjects and if you investigate you’ll see how sites like Huffington Post use the hashtag to create content that could pull in visitors.

If you want more of these, just head on to: for the full list.

Useful. Resourceful. 8/10

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