SchwartzReport: Life – Simplicity within Complication

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schwartz reportThe most important point in this article is in the last paragraph: “Life does not exist in a laboratory vacuum, where scientists can pare away genes to some Platonic purity. Life exists in a tapestry, and the species with the smallest genomes in the world survive only because they are nestled in life’s net.”
We live in a network of interdependent interconnected life.

How Simple Can Life Get? It’s Complicated
CARL ZIMMER – The New York Times

Phi Beta Iota:  Geo-engineering is criminally insane.  The US Government cannot manage one city, less one country, less  the planet.  Absent intelligence with integrity and what Ada Bozeman calls an understanding of “the thing entire,” the ignorance and arrogance of any government striving to manipulate the atmosphere is pathologically dangerous to all humanity.

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