SchwartzReport: Time to Boycott American Express and Impeach Half the Supreme Court — 16 States Seeking to Overturn CITIZENS UNITED; Meanwhile, Congress Breaks Its Record For Doing Nothing

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Little by little the Non-geographical corporate states, through the corruption of the Congress and the Supreme Court, are seeing that laws are passed, and court interpretations given that immunize them from any legal action by citizens. Here is the latest example — that you didn’t hear about on the evening news, or read in your local paper.

Evening News Ignores Supreme Court Decision That Protects Corporate Immunity
SERGIO MUNOZ – Media Matters

Here is another Oregon story, and some good news about overturning Citizens United. It gives me some hope this may actually happen.

Movement Strengthens: Oregon Becomes the 16th State to Call for an Amendment to Overturn Citizens United
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We send our representatives and senators to act on behalf of the best interests of the people they represent. They don’t do that, as any SR reader knows. The level of corruption would embarrass a banana republic. But what is not generally known is how little they actually do accomplish. If there is a more feckless legislative body in the world I can’t think of it. Big fancy historic buildings, lots ! of perks, excellent pay, lots of media. Virtually no substance.

Congress Is on Pace to Do Less Than Record-Breaking Low
MEGAN O’NEIL – Bloomberg

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