Stephen E. Arnold: IBM Makes Hadoop Quick and Easy with BigInsight

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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

IBM Makes Hadoop Quick and Easy with BigInsight

The article titled InfoSphere BigInsights on IBM promotes the use of Apache Hadoop, an open source software framework, with IBM’s BigInsight. Not only is the product free to download, but IBM offers BigInsight to simplify Hadoop for users. To begin, visit the Quick Start Edition page, with video tutorials that walk you through each step toward collecting insights from Big Data. The article explains,

“InfoSphere BigInsights can help you increase operational efficiency by augmenting your data warehouse environment. It can be used as a query-able archive, allowing you to store and analyze large volumes of multi-structured data without straining the data warehouse. It can be used as a pre-processing hub, helping you to explore your data, determine what is the most valuable, and extract that data cost-effectively. It can also allow for ad hoc analysis, giving you the ability to perform analysis on all of your data.”

IBM has managed to turn Hadoop into something resembling user-friendly. The complexity of Big Data scares many people, but IBM hopes to change that bias by allowing users a hands-on learning experience without any data capacity or time limits. The ability to explore large data sets and how to extract information from them is enabled through features including Text analytics, BigSheets, Development Tools and Management Capabilities.

Chelsea Kerwin, July 22, 2013

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