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Tom Atlee
Tom Atlee

Escaping the Left-Right Box-In Match

The “transpartisan” movement is only the tip of a very large and long-term “upwising” of people Left and Right (and otherwise) who realize common ground exists with people they thought of as polar opposites from them politically.

I often say “Things are getting better and better and worse and worse faster and faster simultaneously.”

Well, it seems that even as polarization is increasing it is starting to dissolve into a more productive reality. Those still firmly embedded in the polarized worldview can’t quite grasp this.

In a blog post entitled “The Perennially ‘Unusual’ Yet Somehow Ubiquitous Left-Right Alliance: Towards Acknowledging an Anti-Establishment Center“.  Sam Husseini chronicles an alignment that shows up over and over between some Left and Right camps on certain issues. He notes that this perennial alignment is almost always viewed as “strange” by mainstream media and pundits.

“Every time you have this convergence of progressives and conservatives against the establishment,” he writes, “it’s regarded as ‘unusual’ ‘odd’ or ‘bizarre’ — even though it keeps coming up on issue after issue: war, military spending, trade, corporate power, Wall Street, fossil fuel subsidies, as well as — in the case of the NSA spying on the citizenry — the central issue of Constitutional rights and civil liberties.”

Husseini goes on to quote dozens of news stories from the last 30 years – all of which describe each new example of this perennial phenomena in the same startled language as if it had never occurred before.

We see this today as the most vibrant current ad hoc Left-Right alliance protests NSA surveillance.

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Phi Beta Iota:  The two-party tyranny thrives on the left-right false contrasts.  One bird, two wings, same shit.  The Cultural Creatives, ably documented by Paul Ray, have long understood the nuances but they are censored and blocked from ballot access — all 50 million of them.

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