Mini-Me: Afghanistan in Transition – Regional Water Authority Emergent Centered In, Of, By, and Through Afghanistan

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Who?  Mini-Me?
Who? Mini-Me?


2013-08-26 Pakistan, Afghanistan mull over power project on Kunar River

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan and Afghanistan are moving towards joint management of common rivers starting with construction of a 1,500MW hydropower project on Kunar River — a major tributary of Kabul River contributing almost 13 million acres feet (MAF) annually to Pakistan.

iran dam2013-08-21  Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan hold trilateral meeting on water, energy

DUSHANBE (NNI): Officials of water and energy sector from Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan held a trilateral meeting on the sidelines of an international conference on water cooperation on Wednesday.

During the meeting, Alireza Daemi, director of Water Catchment Department of the Iranian Energy Ministry and water and energy ministers of Afghanistan and Tajikistan emphasized the necessity of cooperation in implementing joint energy projects.

The construction process of Tajikistans Sangtoudeh-II power plant which will be completed by yearend with joint investment of Iran and Tajikistan was also discussed.

2013-07-30 Why a dam in Afghanistan might set back peace

A $200 million dam project will divert water from Iran. Afghan officials say they have no plans to negotiate water rights with Iran.

The water that grows western Afghanistan’s fresh produce, sprinkles its town parks with shade-giving trees, and slakes the thirst of war-weary Afghans, is becoming a point of tension with nearby Iran as a large dam under construction will constrict cross-border flow.

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