Noam Chomsky: US and Canada Virtually Expelled from South America

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Noam Chomsky
Noam Chomsky

On Morales and Snowden, US & Canada Virtually Being Expelled from the Hemisphere

On July 9, the Organization of American States held a special session to discuss the shocking behavior of the European states that had refused to allow the government plane carrying Bolivian President Evo Morales to enter their airspace.

Morales was flying home from a Moscow summit on July 3. In an interview there he had said he was open to offering political asylum to Edward J. Snowden, the former U.S. spy-agency contractor wanted by Washington on espionage charges, who was in the Moscow airport.

The OAS expressed its solidarity with Morales, condemned “actions that violate the basic rules and principles of international law such as the inviolability of Heads of State,” and “firmly” called on the European governments – France, Italy, Portugal and Spain – to explain their actions and issue apologies.

An emergency meeting of UNASUR – the Union of South American Nations – denounced “the flagrant violation of international treaties” by European powers.

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