SchwartzReport: Singapore and the Arctic Council + Solution + Water Flood Meta-RECAP

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schwartz reportHere is what climate change and the melting of the Arctic looks like from Malaysia. It is a very sensible assessment, of a depth one rarely sees in the Western media.

Polar Politics and the Melting Arctic
JOSEPH CHINYONG LIOW, professor of comparative and international politics – The Malay Mail (Malaysia)

Singapore’s recent accession to the Arctic Council as an observer has, understandably, raised eyebrows, given how it is more familiar with monsoons than frost. That said, there is good reason why this city-state at the Equator is casting its eyes so far northwards.

Phi Beta Iota:  We are now at a point in the evolution of solar power and water purification, desalination, and splitting into hydrogen power and oxygen, where it makes sense to plan a global project to keep the sea level constant with 1000 or more plants whose purpose is to harvest sea water for both power and fresh water.  This would allow the restoration of forests and deserts, end water shortages in Utah (where NSA needs 1.7 million gallons of clean water a DAY), and restock the aquifers to save the infrastructure that draws water from them (cheaper to run one pipe from the ocean plant than to rebuild the entire agricultural infrastructure.  Of all places with money and self-interest, FLORIDA strikes us as Ground Zero for the USA, followed by UTAH.  This might even bring peace to the Middle East and the Caucasus, with the restoration of the Dead Sea and the Aral Sea as two milestones for humanity to consider.  Wolfam Alpha has been asked this question:

What volume of sea water must be desalinated and repurposed each year starting in 2020, in order to keep the sea level constant?

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