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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

The Heat in Text Radar: August 2 to August 8

Posted: 12 Aug 2013 01:42 PM PDT

The Text Radar content intelligence and big data blog covered a multitude of issues surrounding the impact that big data is having on the way that more and more industries process and gain insights from their data.

The article, “Big Data Aiding in Healthcare with Timelier Predictions and the Promise of Life Saving Treatments” explains how genetic data and non invasive testing can determine the physical ailments someone is likely to have in their lifetime and allows for pre-emptive treatment opportunities.

The article states:

“We’re able to prescribe better targeted therapies. With better diagnoses come better treatments. ‘Now that we understand the recipe for life,’ Driscoll said, ‘we can develop more precise rifle shots to address disease. We can determine which drug will work with each individual patient, and we don’t have to settle for trial-and-error medications.’”

Another article, “To Ensure Data Governance Control Over Internal Processes and Methods is Crucial” explains some of the negative attributes of big data governance that can come from different business rules and filters and lack of business taxonomy standardization.

The article provides a description of a mature data governance process:

“As the volumes of data multiply, information about data becomes even more critical. Data lineage methodology works like an x-ray for data flow in an organization. It captures information from source to destination along with the various processes and rules involved, and show how the data is used. This knowledge about what data is available, its quality, correctness and completeness lead to a mature data governance process.”

The big data explosion has lead to an increase in certain jobs and is leading to a boom in applicants to certain undergraduate and masters programs. “Big Data Drives Upsurge in Applications at UCLA for Financial Engineering Program.”

The article explains why companies are finding graduates from this program so desirable:

“Increased federal regulation is making financial companies hungry for graduates with strong quantitative skills who can understand risk management, ‘Quants used to be off in a corner doing their own thing,’ Lustig says. ‘Now they are central to the organization.’”

While each of these stories tackles different implications of big data, one aspect that they all have in common is a need for insightful data management software. We highly recommend trying the Semaphore Content Intelligence Solution created by Smartlogic.

Jasmine Ashton, August 13, 2013

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