Marcus Aurelius: Kenyan Mall Insights

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Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius

See link in message below.  Graphic British media reporting.  Comments at bottom are from Marine Colonel who sent to me.  Stuff like this also happened in Vietnam; village chiefs were a frequent target.  Believe it would be naive to believe it could not happen here in U.S.  Don’t think we have a good handle on who is exploiting narco smuggling routes north from Mexico.  No reason I know of to believe it could not be AQ, TB, LH, or IRGC (Quds Force)


This is a stomach-turning read.  But it is the real face of what will come here if we continue to pretend Islamist terrorism is defeated.  You all have seen the AQ torture and executions in Syria…the USG are arming to fight Assad.  Those of us who were in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Sudan have seen this up close. These types must be dealt with ruthlessly and with no quarter given ever.  They are fighting a war against us, so this is not a law enforcement matter IMHO.


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