Owl: Not All [Navy Yard] Nuts are Nuts

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Who?  Who?
Who? Who?

Not All Nuts are Nuts

The Navy Yard shooter could have been relatively sane in the past, but driven insane later, if there is any validity to his filings with the Rhode Island police. If so, what were the objectives of those who tormented him?
“Officials involved in the investigation of the Navy Yard shooting, have come forward with new insights on the weapon that was used in the shooting. Alexis had carved the words ‘My ELF weapon’ on his Remington 870-Express-Tactical shotgun. ELF stands for ‘extremely low frequency’, and usually refers to communications or weather. For those who are familiar with this technology, it is well understood that this is used in programs such as H.A.A.R.P. It has also been reported by several government whistle blowers, and even political activists that they suspected a ‘ELF weapon’ was being used on them. The report about the carvings is most interesting, because it seems to confirm the claim made by Alexis that 3 men were following him using an ELF weapon while he was in his hotel room. He even filed a report to the Newport, Rhode Island Police stating these claims. Aaron stated he had to change his hotel 3 different times because these people were using the microwave machine on him.”
Last night, a reporter on NBC’s “Nightly News” admitted to the the existence of the ELF carvings on the Navy Yard shooters gun. The reporter, who seemed to be genuinely sincere, professed complete ignorance on what the the letters “ELF” meant. This reporter from a mainstream news organization is like most of them, and knowing nothing about perfectly true and valid information appearing in so-called “alternative media.”

Aaron Alexis Carved ‘My ELF Weapon’ on the Stock of his Shotgun

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