SchwartzReport: Ocean Wave Power = Fresh Water Zero Carbon

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schwartzreport newHere is yet another report showing us that if we could emerge from our carbon energy trance there is an entire world of non-polluting energy available to us, as well as a potential freshwater source, which is equally important. Water is destiny. In this, and the next story on Germany, you can see what the transition out of carbon energy looks like when it works.

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In contrast consider America's insistence on the continuation of carbon energy, most recently through Fracking, whose results are now well-known.

As citizens we must demand that the government focus on noncarbon technologies in service to our interests, as a people, with national wellness as the first priority. It is not the technology but the political will that is lacking. If enough people vote, and make the most compassionate life-affirming decision possible, we can change this. The power of collective intention expressed through voting is a great force.

How The Power Of Ocean Waves Could Yield Freshwater With Zero Carbon Emissions
JEFF SPROSS – Think Progress

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