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IO Impotency
Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

Al Qaeda Strategy in Syria

Chile and UFOs

CIA Staffing Levels — More People Doing Less Good

Coalition to Safeguard Privacy (Canada)

Computer Security Practices 101

Consumption the Ultimate Bubble

Criminalizing Dissent (Globally)

Cyber Jihad

Cyber-Threat Way Greater Than Terrorism Threat

Did CT Kill Coin?  Or Are Both Retarded?

DoD Cyber Strategy? Not Even Close

Drone Strikes Effectiveness (Ho Ho Ho)

Emergence of the Work Graph

Florida Cops Take Millions from  Drug Buyers

Human Composition of the al-Nusra Front

Obama and the Press — Broken Promises

Russia's Wealthiest

Secret Hearings Not in Public Interest

Self Organizing Networked Systems

Syria Assessments (Mixed Bag)

The Real “Long War”: The Illicit Drug Trade and the Role of the Military

Web Compromises — Integrity Lost

Zombie Satellites and the Pentagon

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