Event: 21 OCT 13 Beverly Hills CA Law Enforcement Intelligence Units 20/20


Association Of Law Enforcement Intelligence Units

Is Proud To Host The LEIU 20/20 Again – October 21, 2013

What Can You Expect, And Why?

In law enforcement training rooms across the United States, procedural learning is emphasized to foster growth in our people. But in a changing world where crime continues to advance and become more intelligent, is this the best route to take?

Are there better ways to fuel growth and effectiveness in law enforcement?

Many believe a paradigm shift in training needs to occur. Hindsight, insight and foresight need to work collectively. On October 21, 2013, the LEIU 20/20 will once again provide a platform to create and stir changes toward this direction. Here, instructors will be free to challenge the old ways of doing things and embark on a path that leads to inspiration and new ideas.

20 instructors have been invited to speak 20 minutes or less to convey their message.  No long, drawn out presentations and, with so many topics, there is something for everyone. Ideas can change the world and inspiration comes to us from a variety of people and places.  When a collective group of professionals come together to share their experiences, passions and even untested ­ but promising ­ theories, a new form of learning takes place.

The LEIU 20/20 is an event you won’t want to miss.

Learn more.

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