Event: 5 NOV 2013 Million Mask March World Event

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Million Mask March is a world event held every year on November 5th.  Increasing in number, this year there are over 350 worldwide locations including Washington, DC, London, Sydney and many, many more.  In the spirit of Anonymous, Occupy and WikiLeaks, it is a call to unite whistleblowers, hacktivists, marchers and occupiers to defend humanity from political corruption.

International Business Times calls it the largest protest in the history of mankind.


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Million Mask March in the News

VOICE OF RUSSIA | One Million Masks , Expect Us – Anonymous | 17 OCT 2013

THE REBEL CORP.| To be in Washington, DC NOV 5 Near Anonomobile with Masks 

RT | Anonymous Plans Million Mask March on Washington | 8 OCT 2013

CBS | Million Mask March In The Works for National Mall on Guy Fawkes Day | 18 AUG 2013

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES | Largest Peaceful March in the History of Mankind | 17 SEP 2013

DENVER iJOURNAL | Anonymous Planning Masked March in Denver on Election Day| 10 JUL 2013

FORBES | WikiLeaks International Political Party | 30 JUN 2013

** Interesting Internal US Gov Correspondence re:  Occupy Washington, DC **

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