John Maguire: MFMP the Linux of LENR/Cold Fusion

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John Maguire
John Maguire

The Martin Fleischman Memorial Project (MFMP) is a modular, open source LENR/Cold Fusion commercialization project designed to rival the aspirations of proprietary LENR/CF corporations such as Leonardo (Rossi), Brillouine, and Defkalion. Lead researcher Tyler van Houwelingen calls the MFMP the “Linux of LENR”.

Their Mission Statement:To make the biggest impact and overcome the hurdle of institutional bias against this type of phenomenon, we aim to make the whole process, from the apparatus to the procedures, to the whole plan of the project, as transparent and understandable as possible. We want this project to be for the people by the people as much as possible. We will be open about the plan, the designs, the process, the data and the results.The other part of the plan is you. We will pursue crowd-sourced funding, crowd-sourced engineering, and hope for near real time scientific review. Are we 100% sure the New Fire is real and reproducible? No. But given there is significant evidence that it is, isn't the upside for the world worth attempting to validate it?

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