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Phil Ross

5.0 out of 5 stars Single Best Value — Better than any book, October 20, 2013
After reading through Kettlebells For Dummies I have to conclude that this DVD by itself is vastly more useful than any book. This is a complete package offering 45 minutes of perfectly displayed instruction for a routine that can be completely in 30 minutes.

Introduction. Basics include flat shoe or barefoot. Chalk up and hydrate but you must complete the exercise in the allotted amount of time to achieve the optimal benefit. Do not settle for anything less than a cast iron single piece kettlebell. This stuff is DANGEROUS if you are not warmed up, trained up, and ready to do the relatively coordinated actions such as swinging a kettlebell up, letting go the handle, and catching it the palm of you hand. What impresses me about this advanced version is that it clearly is a full-body work out where bending of the knees, a straight back, flexible hips, and balance are essential.

Tutorial. In this section a series of exercises are demonstrated with ample words, ending with the towel halos using a single sixteen pound RK and swinging the RK around in a manner that is clearly a full body work-out. And dangerous. If you are not good at this you could let go and hurt someone — or be hurt by others not yet ready for this exercise.

Warm-Up. Warming up the core is critical. Jumprope is the starting point. “It is essential to be warm prior to stretching.” The diversity of jumprope moves is impressive. The instructor says clearly: DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, SKIP THIS PART. This is a timed event, about two minutes. Next up is the staff (long stick, at least one inch in diameter, about seven feet long. This is used to loosen up your spine and upper body. I am impressed. This looks focused and healthy and emphasizes my first impression, that Russian Kettleball is not just about strength, but also agility, flexibility of muscles, strengthening of bones. About this point I am thinking that this is warrior-oriented training, practical body development, not just some fad. The stick is followed by stretching in a manner very much like a single karate move, only this one is working hips, shoulders, arms, knees, and everything in between. Now more stick. The amount of visible sweat visible on this very fit instructor is a testament to the ADVANCED nature of this tape. The WARM-UP is as much exercise as some people do in an entire work-out. Still in the warm-up, door jam stretches, then free standing and slow motion movement stretches that really warm up the groin and entire lower body. Now in the second stage of the warm-up, there are exercises with the lightest kettle bell “be careful not to drop it on your toes.”

Combination 1 (3 Sets): Heaviest RK between legs and up to head height, releasing grip and catch in palm, then re-gripping and back, then swinging all the way up above head, alternating hands. Repeat. This is clearly good for your upper body, abdomenals, and leg strength. Bending the knees is critical to good form and function.

Combination 2: This uses the two lightest RKs, one in each hand, alternating one hand and RK up and one down with swings, also lifting above head. Set two picks up the speed. It is about this point that I am realizing that Russian Kettlebells, used properly, are a phenomenal combination of aerobics, strength, and body stretching and toning — and much cheaper than a universal gym. 3 sets.

Combination 3: This is a series in a push up position with legs spread, alternating one RK being pulled up while the other arm is straight, and lifting the opposite leg. Clearly ADVANCED and harder than the instructor makes it appear. Lots of normal pushups (still gripping the two RKs). Each set appears to use an increasingly heavy pair of RKs.

Combination 4: This is the last and the hardest, a series of movement exercises in which two RKs are held up at shoulder level and one jumps up and quarter turns, stretches, and then ships to a single towel held halo.

Burn Out: First, chalk up liberally. Series of one RK one arm bent knews and over head lifts. Then a two RK two arm series, and finally a series of one RK (lightest) push toss away let go grab and return.

All of the above takes place in exactly 30 minutes.

Bonus Footage and credits complete the DVD.

This is the top gun demonstration of what can be achieved in 30 minutes with no less than two RKs of any chosen weight.

Best wishes to all,
Robert David STEELE Vivas

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