Rob Sentse: The African Boulevard of Broken Dreams (American Intelligence Journal)

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Rob Sentse
Rob Sentse

The African Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Maj (Ret) Rob Sentse, Royal Netherlands Army

Two major and interlinked issues of note include the perceived necessity to review the focus of current military engagement by both NATO and the EU, and the strategic importance of both the African Continent and the Atlantic Ocean, which are in fact interrelated and of vital importance to Europe.  It is critical to increase serious investments in port facilities and services on the western seaboard of the African Continent, and in so doing to forge affiliations with the African states based on enduring historic relationships.  We must deepen these relationships with due recognition of national needs, heritage, and ambitions, and thus strengthen regional blocks of like-minded African nations.  This article will try to fuel crucial discussions for unconventional and progressive approaches instead of characterizing them a “enemy thinking” or “perceived hostile acts.”

It has already been established that the African Continent has the fastest growing population in the world.  This boom will cause Africa to surpass both China's and India's populations by 2025, less than 15 years away.  The combined poplations of Asia, including China and India, will still exceed Africa's.

PDF (6 Pages): AIJ African Boulevard of Broken Dreams

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