Stephen E. Arnold: Google Cheats the Public…Again

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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

Google Generates Calls for Businesses

Google bumped up its advertising services for businesses by giving them the option to add a “click-to-call” service. Search Engine Watch reports that “Google: 70% Of Mobile Searchers Call A Business Directly From Search Results (Study).” A new Google/Ipsos research says the click-to-call option increases click-through rates and brand perception. The research found that when users search on a mobile device and have said option 70% used it. For mobile users, calls are how mobile searchers conduct their research. It allows them to get quick information when on the move. Local services and businesses benefit from the advertising option-69% of users would call them if the option was readily available. Also businesses saw an 8% rise in a click-through rate.

This is concerning to businesses who do not pay for the option:

“And what about businesses that don’t offer a call option? Almost half of those surveyed said ‘the lack of a call option would lead them to be both frustrated with the business and more likely to turn to another brand. Additionally, 33 percent said that they would be less likely to refer the brand to others and would be less likely to use the brand in the future.’ “

Without a doubt this is good for driving business, but from a pure research standpoint it ruins results. Businesses pay for advertising, thus pushing them to the top and ruining organic search results. Other businesses are pushed towards the bottom. Money drives research results…again.

Whitney Grace, October 13, 2013

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