Stephen E. Arnold: The Blood Thirsty Geekery of Google

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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

The Blood Thirsty Geekery of Google

Nobody imagines that geeks are mean. Why would a group consistently persecuted by others do so to their peers? As they say, put a bunch of hungry wolves in a locked room with a pig and see what happens is an apt metaphor for what Business Insider tells is in “Sex And Politics: It’s A Game Of Thrones In Mountain-View.” Another apt metaphor is to compare Google’s employees to the popular Game of Thrones franchise, because everyone is using whatever asset they have to gain power.

A source told Business Insider that employees engage in sexual liaisons with each other, sometimes of a romantic nature other times just to be carnal. One person described Google as:

“In a place like Google, which has strong technical talent as well as business talent, it’s very natural that people are going to be attracted to one another. You have amazing combinations of intelligence and wit in one place. You can’t fight that people are going to be attracted to each other.’ “

What is even better is that apparently Facebook is the same way. The two rivals are more alike than they want to admit. If the sex was not bad enough, Google’s employees are fighting amongst themselves to the point where Larry “Dad” Page had to step in and discipline his “children” by telling them no matter fighting or else. Problem is that fighting has been the norm at Google since its inception. Page even holds an argumentative meeting every Monday. This way of thinking has led Google to make strides that other companies have not. Page later said that he does not want his kids to go overboard with the fighting, but still encourages friendly fire. Just remember, geeks have teeth and are smart enough to do even more brutal, conniving things.

Whitney Grace, October 04, 2013

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