Event: 22-24 JAN 14 Nashville TN InfoWarCon 2014


infowarcon-logo-subtitle_whitebkgBeyond Information Warfare

“Mr. Schwartau, why would the bad guys ever want to use the internet…?” (Congressman Glickman during Congressional Testimony, June 1991)

It was obvious. To some of us. Now, it is almost impossible to quantify how far behind we really are.

Winn Schwartau
Winn Schwartau

Information Warfare (some relegated the term as politically incorrect) or CyberWar or any other term – semantics should be left aside – we know what we’re talking about.

  • Class I: Personal Privacy and Identity
  • Class II: Industrial and Competitive Espionage, APTs, and Organized Crime
  • Class III: Nation-State, NGO and Terrorist Conflict, Critical Infrastructures

InfowarCon goes even further though: Beyond Information Warfare. (The title of Winn’s new book, TBR 2014!)

Amazon Page
Amazon Page

Weaponization of the Internet of Things, autonomous smart vehicles, budget EMP/HPM/HERF, exoskeleton and robotics, hostile biomedical applications, mind disruption and manipulations… and we need to get ahead of the curve. Like, NOW!

Information Security and Assurance defends against the past. But the world must anticipate and plan for future technologies and their weaponization – before they are developed and deployed by others.

This is InfowarCon. Please peruse the site and REGISTER EARLY as attendance will be strictly limited.

Finally, a heartfelt memory to the wonderful GFirst Conference. We will miss you… and we’re hoping to fill a little of that void.

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Phi Beta Iota: Cyber-war is only a threat because of the pervasive corruption among governments and corporations. The first (governments) are lazy and selfish and delusional about the value of mass cyuber-surveillance.  For this reason they refuse to protect the public interest and make cyber safe. Corporations are unethical and often thoughtless.  In the case of Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, among others, they simply sell their customers out and cut deals with unethical governments pursuing unconstitutional paths. In the case of all others, they are simply oblivios. Being safe is cyberspace is as important as safe driving, safe sex, safe eating, etcetera. It has been allowed to be a wild frontier for the wrong reason, to the greatest detriment of the public, of society, of the global economy, and so on.

We certainly recommend this conference.  We also recommend 18-20 JUL 14 NYC Hackers on Planet Earth (HOPE X).

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