Owl: “Assassination Market” Website: Are the “Bad Guys” Actually the “Good Guys,” and Vice-Versa?

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Who? Who?

“Assassination Market” Website: Are the “Bad Guys” Actually the “Good Guys,” and Vice-Versa?

Some have said Bitcoin is at the center of a revolution in the world economy. The jury is still out on such claims, but using Bitcoin to enable killing unpopular public figures and politicians seems, at the very least, to be sending a signal from the peasants that the princes and kings of the world may not be hearing, to their own peril. The first Bitcoin-enabled killing of a loathed public person, were it to come to pass, would for sure get their attention. But what if this and other Assassination Market web sites were to select their targets even more creatively, say the CEO of Monsanto or the CEO of Merck, producer of Vioxx, which killed tens of thousands, or the CEOs of Wall Street, such as Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan or Lloyd Blankfein, of Goldman Sachs, who both have impoverished millions, or an oldie-but-goldie war criminal such as Henry Kissinger, whose machinations condemned millions to death and maiming in the Vietnam era? Bringing together crowd-funded economic compensation with unrequited moral outrage via a Bitcoin platform could be the ticket for making the work days (and nights) of the private security teams protecting such individuals a great deal more challenging.

Perhaps the “bad guys” establishing such sites are really the “good guys” given the nefariousness of these and other targets they offer Bitcoin-sourced compensation in exchange for assassination. Such initiatives provide a real possibility – or probability? – at real justice that the rigged and bought-off criminal justice refuses to provide even a chance at giving. Such musings can be expected to arise and form as self-evident rationales much more frequently as the criminals in the C-suites continue to endlessly get away with enormous illegalities and financial crimes. Bitcoin could end up being the peasant’s extremely pointed and lethal but anonymous pitchfork.

“A bitcoin-based crowd-funding website has raised almost £50,000 as a bounty to anyone willing to assassinate chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke. Along with Bernanke, the website is collecting bounties for Jyrki Tapani Katainen, the prime minister of Finland; Francois Hollande, president of France; Barack Obama, president of the US, James Clapper, the US director of national intelligence, and Keith Alexander, head of the NSA. However it is Bernanke who has attracted by far the highest amount of bitcoin donations, currently standing at 124.14, which at today’s market value is just over £48,500. The next highest bounty is for Obama, which is 40.26 bitcoins (£15,740) followed by Alexander with 10.49 bitcoins (£4,100) and Clapper on 1.97 bitcoins (£770).”

‘Assassination Market’ Website Offers Bitcoin Bounty to Kill Obama, Bernanke and Others

Meet The ‘Assassination Market’ Creator Who’s Crowdfunding Murder With Bitcoins


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