Martin Armstrong: Klaus Schwab the New Karl Marx Destined to Kill Hundreds of Millions

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Klaus Schwab the New Karl Marx Destined to Kill Hundreds of Millions 

Anyone who thinks this is an election of just Democrat v Republican is a fool. There is a serious agenda behind these lockdowns and they have been intended to prevent commuters and to crush the world economy. Even Australia rules out international travel at least until the end of 2021. All of this is to reduce air travel to reduce CO2. This is the real agenda that Schwab has been selling behind the curtain. He will probably go down in history surpassing the death toll of Karl Marx. His lockdowns have already reduced the food supply and this raises the prospect of famine coming into play by 2022.

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Betty Boop: Facebook Responsible for 94% of 69 Million Child Sex Abuse Images Reported by US Tech Firms

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Facebook responsible for 94% of 69 million child sex abuse images reported by US tech firms

The figures emerge as the UK is among seven nations warning of the impact of end-to-end encryption on public safety online.

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Video (49:00) Crimes against Humanity – International Lawsuit Over Corona Scam & Harm to Global Economy and Society

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Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

“Probably the Biggest Crime Against Humanity Ever Committed”

BitChute Safety Copy Below the Fold

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Andrew Napolitano: The Freedom to Pursue Happiness

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Alert Reader writes in:

Best legal explanation of why the entire scamdemic and following diktats are so completely unconstitutional that, were I one who lost my business, my job and/or my apartment because of the lockdowns, I would be marching right into a (real) constitutional attorneys practice and explore how to personally sue the crap out of all those politicians and cops who harassed me, in order to recover treble the damages inflicted to me. I might also look into suing all those businesses who forbid entry precisely on the mask issue…

The Freedom To Pursue Happiness

Chris Everard: Compelling Evidence Epstein Is Very Much Alive . . .

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A GULF STREAM JET, owned by – the Jeffrey Epstein organisation – flew from the USA to Antarctica on the day that Jeffrey Epstein was meant to have received medical treatment in his jail cell… This flight data was later ERASED from the public plane tracking websites…

The CCTV cameras were switched OFF when Epstein supposedly committed suicide, and the guards were asleep…

Since the staged death of Epstein, his plane has flown all over the eastern seaboard of the United States, and his staff on his little island have been VERY BUSY…

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