Review: The Ageless Generation: How Advanced in Biomedicine Will Transform the Global Economy

4 Star, Disease & Health
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Amazon Page

Alex Zhavoronkov

4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent on Regeneative Health, Light on Preventive Health, Ignores Corrupt Toxic Corporate Practices, November 26, 2013

I was given this book as a gift and was glad to go through the substance. It is very strong on regenerative health but at a very high level. The examples and charts and lists of specifics that I was expecting are not there.

It touches on preventive health as a responsibility, and suggests that individuals as well as organizations should be held accountable for poor health practices they embrace. However, there is not a word in this book about the evils that we do every day in the way of growing, processing, and selling toxic food, flushing drugs into our water, and so on.

The book is a quick read in part because it focus strictly on the 10,000 foot level — more or less an executive overview of how and why regenerative medicine is possible, affordable, and vital.

Among the author’s practical points:

01 Era of age is here — most can expect to live at least a decade if not longer than their parents, perhaps much more if they take care of themselves and preventive / extender medicine kick in (the book does not cover either)

02 Eliminating the existing retirement age — even eliminating retirement all together (the author points out this concept only came into being in the 1970’s when the USA was at its peak in legitimate capitalism – my term) — would radically address some of the economic shortfalls now occasioned by too many people on retirement and not enough contributing to social security. While the author is strongly focused on keeping people working, I don’t feel the love in terms of lifelong employment being FUN.

A key point that is not likely to be embraced any time soon: public health requires TEAMWORK across all boundaries. I think in terms of eight “tribes” of intelligence – academic, civil society including labor and religion, commerce especially small business, government especially local,law enforcement (stop being jerks about marijuana and start going after Monsanto and big pharma), military, and non-government/non-profit). Today those eight tribes are not just ignorant, they are unethical and not a single one of them is working in the public interest (my opinion).

I am fascinated by the author’s presentation of how life is being extended now in fruit flies by four times, in some classes of worms by ten times, with mice now reaching 160 biologicial years. Please God, do not let Dick Cheney or Henry Kissinger hear about this stuff.

The major human systems that degenerate are discussed, along with prospects for regenerative intervention (for example, eyesight, nerves, heart).

The major COSTS to society — and particularly to families and communities — of decrepit old people (I wax eloquent, the author is much more diplomatic) are reviewed.

I learn that businesses lose one trillion dollars a year in productivity to seven diseases: cancer, heart, diabetes, pulminory disorders (could this be an overly diplomatic reference to smoking and asthma from pollution), and hypertension (the latter no doubt caused by watching the two-party tyranny prostitute itself to Wall Street).

Where the author loses me — and the reason I am rating the book at four stars instead of five — is on two fronts:

First, the detail on specifics — what methods, what technologies, what regenerative impacts, at what cost savings or social earnings impact — are not to be found in this book outside the notes and even there I just don’t get the sweep. Color me stupid. but what is missing from this book are a few really good charts.

Second, this is a “no fault” book that absolutely avoids any accountability with respect to the FACT that most of our illnesses today are caused by corrupt ignorant governments that have rolled over and played dead for corrupt, downright evil big pharma, big agriculture, big everything. Glyphosate may appear in this book, but not so I could notice. So also with Monsanto, the impact of anti-depressants, the over medication of the population, the flushing of all the drugs into the sewer with only one third of them being pulled out by water purification, and on and on.

On balance, a good book for what the author is trying to do, but not exactly a fund-raising document in lacking compelling graphics and detail, and unbalanced in lacking the whole picture — the cost to human health of the lack of integrity among our alleged representatives, every one of them less Bernie Sanders an absolute traitor to the Republic, is simply not part of this book. A much stronger book would be one third stop doing this, start doing this, and here’s the regenerative delta. IMHO.

Somewhere in here I would have liked to see some small acknowledgement of the fact that there are five billion poor that will never see the benefits this book expouses, unless we the one billion rich first get our act together, fire the unethical morons running our countries into the ground, and get back into the business of being stewards of humanity and our Earth.

Glad I read the book. Absolutely recommended, and glad to see it so fairly priced.

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