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schwartzreport newThis is one of those stories that makes me think about giving up on SR because the human species is just too stupid collectivey to survive, so what’s the point. I confess I do despair that we are literally killing ourselves. Our greed simply trumps all other considerations. This story just makes you want to weep.

Citizens United I believe will rank, along with the Dred Scott decision as one of the most egregiously obtuse and stupidest decisions ever made by the Supreme Court. Even the original judge who first ruled on it before it went to the Supreme Court has repudiated it. And it was followed by another truly awful decision by the conservative bloc on the Court, the gutting of the Voting Rights Act.

Delegates Frustrated as Talks to Create Huge Antarctic Marine Reserves Fail
OLIVER MILMAN – The Guardian (U.K.)

The 1858 Dred Scott decision played a role in the lead up to the Civil War. The two modern decisions have fundamentally changed American democracy — for the worse. It should have been obvious how bad these decisions were, so obvious in fact that one can only wonder whether these conservative activist justices don’t have a political agenda. Here is an excellent assessment of what the Voting Rights Act decision has led to. The flood of money that preceded it, with Citiziens is already well-known.

The racial implications of the Voting Rights Act decision have gotten a lot of coverage. Much less discussed is the suppression of women voters, with Texas leading the way in ignominy.

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Everything That’s Happened Since Supreme Court Ruled on Voting Rights Act

Here is a charming story to wipe the stench of stupidity that the other stories in today’s edition have left in your mind. I wish I could find more good news, but we are who we are, and I deal in facts, not fantasies. Click through to see the video.

Scientists Decipher Dog-tail Wags
REBECCA MORELLE, Science Reporter – BBC News (U.K.)

Religion, racism, and guns, the hallmarks of the Theocratic Right. What were once just anecdotal reports has yielded to actual research data. Note the last paragraph’s observation about the suppression of gun research by the government through non-funding. This in the face of the holocaust of gun deaths in the U.S.

Study Links Racism, Gun Ownership and Resistance to Gun Laws

Phi Betta Iota: Sometimes Brother Schwartz has a brain fart.  Baseball bats kill more people than firearms do — firearms are no less than TENTH on the list of murderous weapons.  It must also be said that governments are responsible for holocausts in which weapons play a role — not the individual “gun owners.”

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