SchwartzReport: Truths That Matter – Endless Afghanistan?

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schwartzreport newThere are so many things I dislike about the Obama Administration but this story, which broke today, is appalling, and almost unbelievable. We have millions of Americans literally unclear where their next meal is coming from. We have the developed world’s! highest rate of child abuse. Our infrastructure is falling apart, and we have 50 million people in poverty. So where does this administration choose to spend its money — why rebuilding and defending Afghanistan. It is an endless war that has produced nothing but death, maiming, and destruction. The Afghans hate us, their government makes the Mafia look like the Red Cross, and nothing, nothing, has been accomplished in over a decade. And now Obama appears to be committing to more of the same.

Endless Afghanistan? US-Afghan Agreement Would Keep Troops in Place and Funds Flowing, Perhaps Indefinitely
RICHARD ENGEL, NBC News Chief Foreign Correspondent – NBC News

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