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December 7, 2013

Dangerous Times: Inspector Clouseau Brings Peace

By James Lewis

A nuclear arms race is now arising in the Middle East, starting with an Iranian nuke, then a Saudi and Egyptian one. Nobody knows the end game. Obama's biggest legacy may be worldwide instability for years to come.

This administration is coming to an end. If you take away its corruption and thuggery, its constant scapegoating, its weird cast of characters, its astronomical spending, its drone killings of terrorists who were supposed to be dead last year, and its healthcare debacle — everything comes down to imperial overreach. Obama is the biggest gambler with national security in our history. He looks like Charlie Chaplin carrying stacks of teetering dinner plates, causing chaos on all sides, but never noticing anything wrong. Peter Sellers could have done Obama as Inspector Clouseau. Somewhere in the great beyond Flip Wilson is polishing the greatest act ever for a black comedian. The Devil made me do it! Obama is never responsible for the chaos he spreads.

Obama's “peace deal” in Geneva blamed a thousand years of Muslim warfare on the innocent Jews of Israel rather than the bloody mullahs of Iran, the Wahhabi throwbacks of Arabia, or those Al Qaida child-killers in Kenya. The Bamster just pulled off another PR stunt to keep our idiot media kissing the ground while the “Geneva peace deal” goes rolling straight into the rocks. All we need is a laugh track and popcorn.

Obama brings out comedy even in dour Russians like Vladimir Putin, who supposedly said that “Negotiating with Obama is like playing chess with a pigeon. The pigeon knocks over all the pieces, shits on the board and then struts around like it won the game.”

After Obama's first election some PR guru celebrated Obama as the first pure showbiz president in American history. For five years this clown troupe pretended to run the country with complete disregard for the law, precedent, fiscal sanity, or common sense. With our media lying their bubbleheads off, they got away with it long enough to re-elect their hero. The Obamas will never leave without taking the silver spoons.

But now the media and the Democrats — but I repeat myself — are haring for the hills. If you believe them, they had nothing to do with the most piratical assault on the American economy in history. By next year, half the brainwashed dunces in the country will blame the GOP for the blunders of ObamaCare. Sane Americans will tear their hair again, unless they are betting against O'Care on the stock market. It's a sure bet.

Europe is in even worse shape, because it has been run by Eurosocialists like Obama for fifty years. The EU is so brainlocked that no policy is ever changed, no matter what. Europe has cannibalized its military on the assumption that the U.S. could always be suckered into defending them, but that is now changing, as we are in retreat. The southern and eastern part of Europe is in economic despair, but the ruling class hasn't changed one little bit. Neofascist parties are rising, and one has taken over Hungary. But nobody elected the EU and nobody can vote it out.

In this farce only Vladimir Putin looks good. He is an old pro who ran the KGB in East Germany, and managed to rise after the Soviet Union dissolved. These days you can see hundreds of photos of ole Vlad preparing to kiss the ring of the Patriarch of Moscow. Putin has had a religious conversion, or he is pretending to. He went to Jerusalem to pray at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, then visited the Pope and gave him an Orthodox icon, which they both kissed reverently. In Jerusalem he met with the Israeli cabinet, and Netanyahu brought out elderly Jewish vets from the Great Patriotic War. Welcome to the Holy Land, Tovarishch Prezident!

Putin is doing all the things American politicians used to do, along with a certain amount of assassination. He is the new Tsar, after all.

Obama never fooled Putin. Seasoned politicians can spot hustlers like him a mile away. The Russian Federation is still staffed by KGB types, and their psychiatrists build up personality profiles of opponents like Obama. Every censored fact American conservatives dug out in the last five years, Putin has known from day one.

A few weeks ago Obama got the EU and Putin to sign a “peace deal” that put Israel on the spot to give chunks of its tiny territory to the terror regimes, for nothing in return. As part of Obama's stab in the back, Israel was confronted with a giggling Mullah Rouhani snapping up the ultimate deal. Netanyahu stood up to relentless browbeating from our Bully in Chief and said No.

Our despicable media instantly smeared Netanyahu, the way they always do.

It was a Churchill moment for Netanyahu.

None of the Euroconnivers who signed that “deal” have any faith in Iran. Their purpose is to squeeze Israel's government and people to bend over backwards. The Pals played along by staging small terror attacks in Israel, never reported by the U.S. media, but big enough to worry their people. In full genocidal rage, the European left mounted “Boycott Israel” demonstrations. Our Organs of Propaganda formed their own high-tech lynch mob. American treasoneers like Noam Chomsky were trotted out. Jerusalem didn't budge.

Seeing their dream “deal” falling apart, the mullahs and the Pals stopped smiling and went back to daily death threats. Death to Israel! Death to America!

Vladimir Putin gets the next turn. Obama has no chips left. Yes, he got Zbig Brzezinski to threaten Israel with the U.S. Air Force if they dared to strike Iran's nuclear plants. I want to see our domestic backlash if that ever happens.

The U.S. has now ended up on the side of evil in the Middle East: We protect nuke-hungry fanatics; we support neo-Ottomans to betray an Israeli spy network in Iran; we supply arms to 60,000 Al Qaida monsters who murder children in Christian villages. Obama keeps having to fix the warfare he unleashed in Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Yemen, Tunisia. The Arab world is in chaos. Iran is winning. Only Israel is democratic, modern and stable.

This is what Putin wants, of course — more Russian power and an American retreat. Putin only has to pick up the pieces Obama keeps dropping.

What Putin doesn't want is suicidal Muslims with nukes one hour from his southern border. Putin has been fighting Chechnyan rebels who killed hundreds of civilians in Beslan and Moscow. He hit Chechnyan cities with massed artillery, regardless of who died. Russia is brutal. We are sentimental and now we are self-destructive. Our politicians have simply lost track of good and evil.

This is not a “peace deal”. It's an agreement to snatch whatever bribes Obama offered. Look for a reduction in American nuclear weapons in exchange for a tiny drop in Russian nukes.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard could overrun Saudi Arabia in a few days. Or they could rain missiles on Riyadh. A single nuclear bomb would knock out the Saudis, and Iran's Khomeini cult would then own Mecca and Medina. Now the Saudis are frantically saying nice things about Israel and talking to Russia. They are buying nukes from Pakistan.

It only takes one man to turn against Iran to keep them at bay. That man is Vladimir Putin. Putin has no problem killing people at home or abroad. If he pulls the mullahs' chain they have to back off growling. Russia killed thousands of Chechyen civilians, but the UN didn't say a word, and the Western left looked away, the way they always do.

Does Putin want to beat Obama? Yes, of course. But first he wants Obama's signature on whatever he has promised.

In the age of Obama the international “community” is a pathetic gaggle of cowards.

Complicated enough for ya? This is the kind of media stage Obama loves for his show-off act. Russia and Europe are giving him enough rope, but nobody respects him. They think he is a dangerous wild card, and they are looking forward to a more normal U.S. president.

It's time for a change.

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