Open Mind: Divide and Conquer with Misinformation — Heal and Unite with Truth

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I have not posted for a while because, honestly, it has gotten so difficult to differentiate between truth and disinformation (for me at least). One noted blog author that I trust, claims that only 6% of the information found on mainstream media is true, and only about 30% found on the internet. Now I don’t know what he includes, or does not include, regarding internet information, but in any case, those numbers are pretty pitiful, and demonstrate how much control the cabal has over the information that is released to the public.

Although I am aware that people on planet Earth are waking up to many truths about what is really going on with this planet, I am disappointed that so many are still “asleep”,  and in the inertia of so many to resist accepting, or even looking at, any new information that might challenge their previously held beliefs.  A significant percentage of people, especially in the USA, are still acting like “sheeple,”  willing to believe what they are told by the media, their religious leaders, and the education system. It is time to wake up!

The small percentage of those who control this planet are very good at manipulating the thinking of the large majority (the 1% vs the 99%). The 1% control 95% of the information that come though the mainstream media and  about 70% of the information coming through alternative, internet media. (Maybe I should cut the “sheeple” some slack, because the deck is so badly stacked against them.) The 1%, henceforth referred to as the “cabal”, also control the corporate governments of the world, especially in the USA.  They have significant influence in all branches, all 3 letter agencies, the eduction system, and the religious institutions. Certainly not all people working in the 3 letter agencies, schools, churches, or the 3 main branches of government are intentionally doing the bidding of the cabal; but the cabal has powerful, if not complete, influence on those at the top. Anyone who still believes that the U S president is the most powerful person in the western world is way out of touch with reality. The president is a controlled pawn, following the orders of the cabal, whether he wants to or not. The last president who did not “follow orders” was JFK, and we all know what happened to him.

The main agenda of the cabal is world domination and complete control of all the people. Their main tactics are keeping the people in a constant state of fear, hiding the truth by distraction and diversion, and pitting them against each other under the old tactic of divide and conquer. The division between Republicans and Democrats is a good example. Each side blames the other side for all the problems; each side staunchly maintains “we are right, they are wrong”. How about the major religions of the world? Muslims blame Christians, Christians blame Muslims, and both blame the Jews. We have been taught separatism all our lives. Did Jesus teach separatism? Did Mohammed, or the Buda? Of course not. They all taught love, and oneness. Religions are a human construct, and the humans that control them from the top are the cabal, for the purpose of keeping the masses divided and controlled. What goes on in the political arena is all a charade to keep the people distracted and divided, and to enact and enforce laws to restrict our freedoms. What the cabal are afraid of most is that we will some day all wake up to the truth, and when we do, they are finished.

So the next time you read or listen to something that blames Republicans, or Democrats, conservatives or liberals, any religion or culture, or anyone for that matter; try looking beyond what we have been brainwashed to believe. We have all been deceived; we have been taught what to believe; and we have learned well. Now it is time to wake up and re-learn. Things are not what they seem (I think I have said that before. 🙂

“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”

End of rant.

Now on a positive note: I believe from all that I have read, listened to, and learned, especially in the last few months, that there has been tremendous and effective push back against the cabal. It is looking now like they are almost neutered. The end is in sight; the light forces have almost won. Personally, I am hoping to see major changes, changes that will be obvious to all, within the next few months. Those that are awake and know where to look and what to look for are already seeing major changes


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