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pope francis IPope’s themes emerging, bishop tells Missouri Catholics

Three themes are emerging from the first months after the election of Pope Francis, Des Moines Bishop Richard E. Pates told some 500 Missouri Catholics Sept. 28.

“Mercy, peace, preferential option for the poor,” said Bishop Pates who delivered the keynote at the annual Missouri Catholic Conference Assembly at the state capitol, with the theme: “Francis, Rebuild My Church.”

“Pope Francis states often that the church is not a religious non-governmental organization busy only about secular good,” Bishop Pates said.

“Rather it is the purposeful living Body of Christ that seeks to introduce all to ultimate meaning in life and to enable all to experience God’s profound love and irrepressible care for each person,” he said.

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Phi Beta Iota: We keep hoping for a revival of Liberation Theology. A passive communication of joy and mercy in the face of pervasive communication and the unethical concentration of wealth is a bit too much to accept.

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