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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

One of the major trends facing the U.S. is that it is on track to become a country with no racial majority, and to develop a culture where just being born white will no longer confer automatic privilege. For a significant minority of white people, particularly in the Southern states, this is causing massive angst and anger. I have been writing about this for over a decade, now others, as this report describes are beginning to see this trend as well.

2013: The Year in Whiteness
JOAN WALSH, Editor-at-Large – Salon

Phi Beta Iota: Think of dignity now toward minorities as a means of paying forward. Reap as you sow.

It is always very important to distinguish between spirituality and religion. Religion is entirely man made. Humans decide who is a prophet and who is a dingbat, and it is humans that write the dogma and create the rituals. Spirituality is an experience of nonlocal consciousness that has to be experienced to be properly understood, and many religious adherents have never had a spiritual experience. Many spiritual experiences have nothing whatever to do with religion, although they often start religions. But what is particularly interesting, and a modern contribution to understanding spirituality is the neuroscience, of which this report is an example.

Thicker Brain Sections Tied to Spirituality: Study

Source: JAMA Psychiatry, online December 25, 2013.

The rise of the aggrieved whites has taken on the attributes of a tribe. And, like all tribes there are things the tribe believes to be true, and things the tribe does not believe. One thing the angry white tribe has apparently decided not to believe is evolution. This is an account of spreading willful ignorance, Creationism has become one of the tribal oaths. This is one of the reasons I consider ! the Theocratic Right, which is a 99 per cent aggrieved white person tribe, to be a toxic malevolent force in American society.

Republican Acceptance of Evolution Plummets

One of the things I have noticed about the Theocratic Right is that although they loudly profess their belief in Christianity and Jesus they actually hold the modern day equivalent of the positions held by the Sadducees and the Pharisees who persecuted Jesus. They also have a remarkable, considering that they talk about it! all the time, illiteracy about the Bible. It is a very bizarre trend.

Right-wing Biblical Illiterates Would be Shocked by Jesus’ Teachings …if They Ever Picked Up A Bible
CJ WERLEMAN – The Raw Story

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