2014: Year One for Intelligence with Integrity


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Intelligence with Integrity @ Phi Beta Iota


2010 INTELLIGENCE FOR EARTH: Clarity, Diversity, Integrity, & Sustainability

Books on Intelligence & Information Operations by Robert David STEELE Vivas et al

By Others

BLOWBACK, Legitimate Grievances, & Integrity Lost

Review (Guest): Fixing the Facts – National Security and the Politics of Intelligence

Review (Guest): Westmoreland – The General Who Lost Vietnam – Includes Second Review With Contextual Detail on Failure of Intelligence (Including Soviets Owning US Crypto)

Review: Counterterrorism and Open Source Intelligence

Review: Cultural Intelligence for Winning the Peace

Review: Ecological Intelligence–How Knowing the Hidden Impacts of What We Buy Can Change Everything (Hardcover)

Review: Intelligence and U.S. Foreign Policy – Iraq, 9/11, and Misguided Reform

Review: Intelligence in Nature

Review: Internet-Based Intelligence in Public Health Emergencies – Early Detection and Response in Disease Outbreak Crises

Review: Keeping U.S. Intelligence Effective — The Need for a Revolution in Intelligence Affairs

Review: Le management de l’intelligence collective – Managing Collective Intelligence – Toward a New Corporate Governance

Review: Lines of Fire – A Renegade Writes on Strategy, Intelligence, and Security

Review: Long Strange Journey–An Intelligence Memoir

Review: No More Secrets – Open Source Information and the Reshaping of U.S. Intelligence

Review: Open Source Intelligence in a Networked World

Review: Strategic Intelligence for the 21st Century: The Mosaic Method

Review: Who the Hell Are We Fighting?–The Story of Sam Adams and the Vietnam Intelligence Wars (Hardcover)

Worth a Look: Book Reviews on Intelligence (Most)

Book In Progress

INTELLIGENCE with INTEGRITY: Table of Contents



INTELLIGENCE with INTEGRITY Chapter 1: Public Governance & Public Intelligence

INTELLIGENCE with INTEGRITY Chapter 2: The InfoSphere & Its Enemies

INTELLIGENCE with INTEGRITY Chapter 3: The Human Factor

INTELLIGENCE with INTEGRITY Chapter 4: Four Domains for Applied Intelligence Translate Full Text Online

INTELLIGENCE with INTEGRITY: Chapter 5 Systems Thinking & True Cost Economics

INTELLIGENCE with INTEGRITY Bibliography (Living — as of Chapter 4)


21st Century Public Intelligence 3.8

CURVEBALL: The Interview + Integrity RECAP

Future of Multinational Intelligence & Operations

Mario Profaca: US Lacks Cyber-Intelligence + RECAP

Open Source Everything Manifesto: Extracts

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Starting Point

Reference: No More Secrets – Open Source Intelligence/Intelligence Reform Fight Round II

Robert Steele: US Day of Rage = Electoral Reform & Integrity Plus General RECAP on Purple Public & Third Party Rising

Search: Citizen Counterintelligence #OWS

Search: ecology intelligence

Search: global brain human brain + RECAP

Search: humint [Human Intelligence] HUMINT + Meta-RECAP

Search: integrity [as of 5 Oct 2012]

Search: integrity integrity integrity

Search: intelligence and knowledge development

Search: Intelligence and the Viet-Nam War

Search: intelligence outreach

Search: Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield

Search: lee kuan yew intelligence

Search: most but not all of the information needed for strategic reflections comes from open source intelligence.

Search: national intelligence model

Search: “new rules for the new craft of intelligence”

Search: organizational intelligence (third version)

Search: “pathologies map” intelligence

Search: phd topics on the role of intelligence in peace support operation + Peacekeeping RECAP

Search: reflections, integrity

Search: smart nation intelligence reform electoral reform national security reform

Search: whole of government and intelligence


Graphic: 21st Century (Cybernetic) Intelligence Process 1.0

Graphic: Integrity in All Respects

Graphic: Intelligence Maturity Scale

Graphic: Life 102 Open Everything – Integrity Is the Defining Attribute of Life

Graphic: Public Governance & Feedback Loop Integrity Enhanced by Public Intelligence

Graphic: Requirements Management & Program Development — FIRST Prove Secret Intelligence Fails to Satisfy, THEN Make Case to OMB for a Fractional Transfer of Funding to Your Own Intelligence Program

Graphic: Six Circles–Earth Intelligence Network Operational Concept

Graphic: Smart Safe Nation via Intelligence with Integrity in Four Quadrants – USA Fails

Graphic: Stages of Tribal Intelligence and Integrity

Graphic: The UN and the Eight Tribes of Intelligence

Graphic: UN 0 Big Picture View of Global Intelligence with Integrity Supporting Documents Added

Graphic: US Intelligence Six Fundamental Failures Over 25 Years – $1.25 Trillion


2004 Simmons (US) Draft Legislation Smart Nation Act

2006 THE SMART NATION ACT: Public Intelligence in the Public Interest

2009 Smart Nation-Safe Nation Act

Journal: Police Chiefs Get Smart About Citizen Intelligence–As Called for by The Smart Nation Act

Reference: Smart Nation Act (Simplified) 2011

Reference: Smart Nation Act Draft (Full Text Online for Google Translate)

Worth a Look: THE SMART NATION ACT – Public Intelligence in the Public Interest


1988 Early Warning on Loss of Integrity in US Defense & Intelligence via Foreign Ownership & Outsourcing

1988 Generic Intelligence Center Production Requirements

1990 Intelligence in the 1990′s – Six Challenges

1997 Creating a “Bare Bones” Capability for Open Source Support to Defense Intelligence Analysis

1998 Politi (IT), Becher (DE) et al, Toward a European Intelligence Policy (Chaillot Paper 34)

2003 Davis (US) Analytic Paradoxes: Can Open Source Intelligence Help?

2003 Information Peacekeeping & the Future of Intelligence – The United Nations, Smart Mobs, & the Seven Tribes (Full Text Online for Google Translate)

2003: Peacekeeping Intelligence Leadership Digest 1.0 (Full Text Online for Google Translate)

2004 Mazzafro (US) Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Global Issues

2006 Open Source Intelligence (Strategic) 2.0

2006 Robert Steele: Reinventing Intelligence

2009 Intelligence for the President–AND Everyone Else [Full Text Online for Google Translate]

2009 Robert Steele: Politics & Intelligence–Partners Only When Integrity is Central to Both

2010 Robert Steele: Reflections on Integrity UPDATED + Integrity RECAP

2011: Inteligencia Empresarial y Estrategia Competitiva en Mercados Internacional – Contexto y Desafio [Commercial Intelligence and Competitive Strategy in International Markets – Context and Challenge]

2011 Robert Steele: Citizen in Search of Integrity (Full Text Online for Google Translate)

2012 Integrity, Reflexivity, & Open Everything – Presentation to the Washington Academy of Sciences

2012 Robert Steele: Intelligence for the President Revisited

2012 Robert Steele: Practical Reflections on UN Intelligence + UN RECAP

2012 Robert Steele: The Human Factor & The Human Environment: Concepts & Doctrine? Implications for Human & Open Source Intelligence 2.0

2013 Creating a Smart Nation: Transforming Education, Intelligence & Research through Integration, & Innovation – 99-Day Plan for the Secretary-General

2013 Intelligence Future — The Third Era of Local to Global Intelligence Overview & Workshop 2.8 Adds 2 Memos to CINCEUR & CINCSOC

2013 Robert Steele Foreword to NATO Book on Public Intelligence for Public Health

2013 Robert Steele From Information Pathologies to Organizational Intelligence — Why Predictive Analytics on Industrial Era Data is Fraud, Waste, & Abuse

2013 Robert Steele in HighGainBlog on Open and Secret Intelligence

2013 Robert Steele on Healing the Americas with an Open Source Agency — and Integrity; Dicho Sobre la Curacion de las Américas con una Agencia de Todo Abierto – y la Integridad 1.7

2013 Robert Steele Reflections on Insanity & Integrity + Reflections RECAP

2013 Robert Steele: Reflections on Lincoln, Principle, Compromise, Autonomous Internet & Citizen Intelligence / Counter-Intelligence 2.0 with Meta-RECAP

2013 Robert Steele: Reflections on the Inability of Washington to Think with Integrity

2013: The Evolving Craft of Intelligence 3.6 As Published

Agency – Responsibility – Intelligence – Integrity

Berto Jongman: Humans, Data, & Spies — What Manner, What Value, Integrity?

Berto Jongman: John McAfee Vows to Make Internet “Impossible to Hack” + Internet/Human Intelligence Meta-RECAP [Bottom Line Up Front: Internet without Intelligence and Integrity is Noise]

Berto Jongman: Mathematics < Integrity = Financial Fraud

Berto Jongman: Shadow Banking & Tax Loopholes – With Comment by Robert Steele on Integrity & Automated Transaction Payment Tax

Chuck Spinney: Obama’s Failure of Intelligence & Integrity

Chuck Spinney: Pentagon Underfunded? Integrity Lacking…

Chuck Spinney: The Mind of the Decider — Ignorance Plus Arrogance — Disconnected from Reality While All Others Buried Their Integrity

David Isenberg: Greg Treverton on Intelligence Reform in the USA — Garbage In, Garbage Out

DefDog: Harnessing Collective Intelligence

DefDog: Pentagon Integrity? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Integrity!

DefDog: US Army Blows Intelligence Computing (Again)…

DefDog: Washington’s Integrity Part N to the Nth

George Soros Nails It: Intelligence with Integrity

G. I. Wilson: Intelligence Lessons Learned in Boston — and the Lack of Honest Competent Counterintelligence in the USA

Harnessing Collective Intelligence to Save Democracy

Howard Rheingold: Open Source Intelligence Meets Real-Time News and Data Curation – SwiftRiver

Japan Lost Its Integrity over Nuclear Safety

Jean Lievens: NSA Has Destroyed Cyber-Trust

Jim Clapper: Do I Really Want to Be Here? + Robert Steele’s Simple Guide to Fixing National Intelligence + Intelligence Failure Meta-RECAP 2.0

Jon Lebkowsky: Bad Pharma – Lacking Intelligence AND Integrity

Journal: An Ethical Code for Intelligence Officers

Journal: “Expert Judgement” vs. Public Intelligence

Journal: Integrity, Afghanistan, & The White House

Journal: Integrity 101 for Presidential Aides

Journal: Intelligence & Innovation Support to Strategy, Planning, Programming, Budgeting, & Acquisition

Journal: Markle Foundation Focuses on Lack of Information–We Focus on Lack of Integrity

Journal: National Intelligence? Revolution in Military Affairs? A Stock-Taking

Journal: OUT OF CONTROL–The Demise of Responsible Government “Intelligence” II

Journal: Secretary of State Lacks Intelligence Support

Journal: US Lacks Basic Intelligence at the Top

Journal: US Ruling Class versus Country Class–Deep Insights, Need Integrity and Fact-Based Deliberation

Lack of Integrity: ASSUME Secrecy IGNORE Open

Lack of Integrity = Being on Wrong Side of History

Lack of Integrity = Jim Clapper Blows Off GAO

Marcus Aurelius: 10 Years Along, Still No Intelligence…

Marcus Aurelius: Admiral Lyons Blasts US Intelligence Community – No Improvement Since 9/11 — Could It Even Be WORSE? With Comment by Robert Steele

Marcus Aurelius: Paul Pillar on Intelligence & Policy

Marcus Aurelius: Pipe Dreams and the Lack of Integrity — How to Lose Two Wars at Great Expense

Marcus Aurelius: US Intelligence Still Ignorant in Languages

Marcus Aurelius: WSJ on Viet-Nam War – Lack of Integrity

Michael Bloomberg, Vice President for Education, Intelligence, & Research — Creating a Smart Nation

Mini-Me: Bin Laden — the Story Continues — Zero Dark Thirty as the Glorification of Treason — What Price Integrity? How Many SEALS Must Die For a Lie?

Mini-Me: Cognitive Dissonance at NSA + NSA High Crimes RECAP + Integrity Remediation

Mini-Me: Fukushima – Japan’s 911 Israel’s Follow-Up to US 911 — Plus Comment on Need for Global Inspector General with Counterintelligence Mandate

My Talk With Tom Atlee: Primer on Citizen Intelligence

Neal Rauhauser: Islam’s Doctrinal Divide — US Intelligence Vacuum

NIGHTWATCH: Failure of Strategic Integrity in USA Kills Troops in Afghanistan

OSI Vision Integrity Value: Robert David Steele The Open Source Everything Manifesto

Patrick Meier: Microtasking Open Intelligence Needs

Paul Fernhout: Open Letter to the Intelligence Advanced Programs Research Agency (IARPA)

Penguin: Official Report on 2011 Cost of Intelligence “Security”

Plenty of Spectrum–Not Enough Integrity

Reference (1998): The Brown Commission and the Future of Intelligence

Reference (2007): Stevyn D. Gibson PhD Thesis Open Source Intelligence: A Contemporary Intelligence Lifeline with Comments by Robert Steele

Reference (2009): Developing UN Peace Intelligence Capabilities

Reference (2009): Integrity–Without it Nothing Works

Reference (2010): At What Cost, Intelligence? [On Ethics]

Reference (2010): Fixing Intel–A Blueprint for Making Intelligence Relevant in Afghanistan

Reference (2010): Human Intelligence (HUMINT) – All Humans, All Minds, All the Time [Full Text Online for Google Translate]

Reference (2010): Integrity–Without it Nothing Works II

Reference (2012): Expectations of Intelligence in the Information Age, Review by Steele, Wright, Anon & New Link 3.0

Richard Wright: CIA Loses Integrity Over Book FBI Approves

Richard Wright: Intelligence with Integrity – Not in Our Lifetime – Plus Steele on Soft Landing

Richard Wright: Jim Clapper Speaks to Excessive Dependence on Technical Intelligence, and the Evident Non-Existence of Human Intelligence in the Middle East

Richard Wright: MILITARY INTELLIGENCE: All Eyes No Brain Part II

Richard Wright: Secret Intelligence Cloud, Charlie Allen’s Warning, Comment by Robert Steele

Richard Wright: USMC “Learns” From StratFor – Integrity? – We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Integrity

Richard Wright: Washington Post – No Memory on Iraq & No Integrity on Iran

Rickard Falkvinge: Scream Out for Integrity Lost

Rob Dover: Intelligence Failures in Syria & Algeria — Is Open Source Everything an Alternative? Steele Comments

Robert Steele: Intelligent Management of Intelligence Agencies, and the New Craft of Intelligence

Robert Steele: US Secret Intelligence Next Steps

SchwartzReport: Book on Congress Lacking Intelligence and Integrity — Literally Ignorant and Reduced to Partisan Posturing

SchwartzReport: Fractose = Overeating = Obesity = Government Lacking in Intelligence and Integrity

SchwartzReport: Genetic Modication – Case Study in Fraud, Waste, & Abuse Starting with Corruption of Information and Falsification of Intelligence

SchwartzReport: Lack of Integrity in the US Media – On Murdoch & Petraeus

SchwartzReport: The Drugging of America Via Food — Enabled by the Loss of Intelligence and Integrity Across Whole of Government

Stephen Marrin: Evaluating the Quality of Intelligence Analysis: By What (Mis) Measure? With Comment by Robert Steele

Steven Aftergood: Congress to Public: Butt Out — We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Intelligence Oversight or Public Accountability — ESPECIALLY on Drones and Assassinations

Steven Howard Johnson: Integrity as a Profit Multiplier

Tom Atlee: A presidential candidate signs the Co-Intelligence Institute’s Politician’s Pledge

Tom Atlee: A Whole New Ball Game–Collective Intelligence in ON

Tom Engelhardt: Tough Love Indictment of the US Intelligence Community — Global Trends 2030 as Poster Child for Expensive Idiocy

Troops or Contractors: Loss of Defense Integrity

U.S. Intelligence Community as Land of Make Believe

US Intelligence Lies to “Defer” to General Petraeus

US Intelligence: Personalities Without Substance?

US Intelligence & Policy on China & Pakistan Lack Consistency & Common Sense (i.e. Integrity)

Winslow Wheeler: US Navy Status Quo Culture — Lessons Not Learned, Substituting Pork and Lies for Effective Weapons Systems + US Flag Officer Lack of Integrity RECAP

Worth a Look: Book Reviews on Corporate Lack of Integrity or Intelligence or Both

Yoda: Integral Science Is the Force — Joining Intelligence with Integrity

Yoda: Research Fraud Has Exploded in Past Decade — Pattern of Fraud in Education, Intelligence, & Research

Yale The Politic: The Intelligence Gathering Conundrum + Toxic Secrecy RECAP

Yoda: When Intelligence Loses It’s Integrity, It Is Not Intelligence


Who’s Who in Public Intelligence: Jack Davis

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