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4th media cropped“US Naval Might is WANING,” REALLY?

On January 3 Rear Admiral Viktor Bursuk, a deputy commander of the Russian navy who oversees weapons procurement, said Russia’s Navy is expected to receive 40 new warships and auxiliary vessels in 2014.

In addition to surface ships of various classes, the Navy will also commission the third Borey-class nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine, the Vladimir Monomakh, and a Varshavyanka-class diesel electric submarine.

Russia will continue the repair and overhaul of the Admiral Nakhimov nuclear-powered missile cruiser and three nuclear-powered attack submarines this year. The Admiral Nakhimov is expected to rejoin the Russian navy in 2018 with the most advanced weapons systems for its vessel type, the Sevmash shipyard said in June last year.

According to the statement, auxiliary ships to be commissioned by the end of 2014 include the Igor Belousov, an advanced search-and-rescue ship designed to boost the navy’s ability to rescue submarines and ships in distress, the Admiral said.

US naval think tanks report the Russian Navy is on the rise, its strike components are reborn. China has put its first aircraft carrier strike group to sea, its new missiles pose threat to US flat tops, and the country’s naval might is growing by leaps and bounds.

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Phi Beta Iota: US defense leadership lacks moral and intellectual integrity, as well as intelligence (decision-support) with integrity (holistic analytics). A 450 ship Navy can be had, within the existing budget cut by 30%. All that is required is integrity.  That is the sucking chest wound in the US Navy…with as many admirals as it has ships.

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