Robert Steele: A Megadraught is Forming — Weather War is a Factor

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I accuse NASA, NOAA, and elements of the US Air Force of being in the employ of the Deep State and working to harm the economy of the USA and thus the re-election of President Donald Trump, while they are also harming China’s economy and others.

An alternative possibility that I  discount is that Russia is playing with its scalar geoengineering capabilities and seeing if it can arouse conflict between China and the USA.  I tend to discount this option.

Below are some graphics, two videos, links, and a comment from Alert Reader.

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DefDog: Time to Close All US Bases Overseas Starting with 87 in Germany, 86 in Japan, 64 in South Korea, 29 in Italy, and 18 in the UK

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Fastest route to peace abroad and prosperity at home: close the bases and bring all the support jobs and all the local supply budgets home to be done by Americans, or filled by local American suppliers, not foreigners.

Countries With the Most US Military Bases

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Stephen E. Arnold: Is “Good Enough” Any Way to Run Anything?

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Stephen E. Arnold

The Covidization of Good Enough

I have written numerous times about the zippy young PhD with an attitude. After my talk about declining “findability”, Zippy (not his real name) spoke with me after my talk. He had one point and repeated it to me several times:  “Search is good enough.”

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James McCanney: Caution on CIA and NASA Bullshit?

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Just watched your 11 July 2020 video UNLEASHED.

Agree with everything EXCEPT the end as I consider Tom Bearden to be a flake … he is a planted CIA supported street “scientist” on “free energy” and actually
is a diversion from real science … but your point is well taken with respect to how we in the West are light years behind Russia and other countries regarding real science … a LOT of the space science NASA misinformation comes from a clown named Tony Phillips whose job at NASA has been for decades to filter any real science upwards to the mil level Jesuit-controlled science and then bequeath on the general public a bunch of tier 2-bullshit science …

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Sorcha Fall (David Booth): Military Chaos, Assassination Plots

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Threat To Trump From American Military Establishment Thrusts World To Brink Of Unthinkable

Durham Breakup Of Plot To Assassinate Trump Causes Top DoJ Officials To Flee

Phi Beta Iota: Sorcha Faal (David Booth) is a gifted fabricator working out of the DC area but he (or the group) have a gift for narrative and their links are always real. We consider them worthy of careful reading.

DefDog: Trump Continues to End Endless Wars!

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US withdrew half of its forces from Iraq

The governments of the two countries said in the statement that “in light of the significant progress made towards eliminating the threat from ISIS, the United States will continue in the coming months to reduce its forces in Iraq.”

The United States also confirmed that it is not seeking to establish permanent bases or a permanent military presence in Iraq, as agreed previously in the 2008 Strategic Framework Agreement, which states that security cooperation is based on mutual agreements.