Sorcha Fall (David Booth): Military Chaos, Assassination Plots

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Threat To Trump From American Military Establishment Thrusts World To Brink Of Unthinkable

Durham Breakup Of Plot To Assassinate Trump Causes Top DoJ Officials To Flee

Phi Beta Iota: Sorcha Faal (David Booth) is a gifted fabricator working out of the DC area but he (or the group) have a gift for narrative and their links are always real. We consider them worthy of careful reading.

DefDog: Trump Continues to End Endless Wars!

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US withdrew half of its forces from Iraq

The governments of the two countries said in the statement that “in light of the significant progress made towards eliminating the threat from ISIS, the United States will continue in the coming months to reduce its forces in Iraq.”

The United States also confirmed that it is not seeking to establish permanent bases or a permanent military presence in Iraq, as agreed previously in the 2008 Strategic Framework Agreement, which states that security cooperation is based on mutual agreements.

American Thinker: Obama, Paneta, Brennan, McRaven All Lied About Bin Laden — Epitaph for a Treasonous Duplicitious Presidency?

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How did Osama bin Laden really die?

By Susan Daniels

American Thinker, 15 May 2020

Phi Beta Iota: An excellent short summary. Obama, Panetta, Brennan, and McRaven all appear to have lied to the public and sentenced Special Forces personnel to death for political  theater. As usual, Robert Steele called it out from day one (see below).

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Bin Laden Show: Entries 00-99 UPDATED 2 April 2016

Stephen E. Arnold: DARPA AI Contract Goes to BAE – Robert Steele: BAE AI OSINT Is A Sucking Chest Wound

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Stephen E. Arnold

DARPA AI Contract Goes to BAE

We have been waiting for this announcement, but anyone rooting for a startup to snag this DARPA contract will be disappointed. Digital Battlespace reports, “DARPA Awards Machine Learning Analytics Contract to BAE Systems.” Yes, they went with the big, established, and experienced firm. The machine learning analytics services project is part of the agency’s Geospatial Cloud Analytics program. The brief write-up informs us:

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Robert Steele: Are Pedophilia Tunnels Being Overrun? Is #SavetheChildren Equal to #EndDeepState + #AmericaUnited + #MAGA?

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It is my blessing to know some interesting people, and to have been one of the patriots who sounded the alarm on elite pedophilia and child torture and other related atrocities (blood drinking, fetus and body organ consumption).

I have no direct knowledge about what is going down right now but all signs from open sources point to a global — and in the USA nationwide — takedown of pedophilia tunnels starting with New York City’s “wonderland” including the tunnels at the intersection of Lexington and Concord.

Below are some bits and pieces that impress me.  Make of them what you will.

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Consortium News: COVID-19: Prepared for the Wrong War [Never Mind the Fake Pandemic]

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COVID-19: Prepared for the Wrong War

Donald Trump, at his daily press conferences, repeatedly says no one would expect such a thing could ever occur.  Except that government studies predicted just such a thing.

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