Berto Jongman: Atrocities, Cyber, War 1.4

Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence
Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

ATROCITIES: risks of state-led mass killing

AUSTRALIA: Terrorists taking cut of millions in drug money

BIG DATA: predictive algorythms and virtues of transparancy

CAR: CAR risks spiralling into genocide

CHINA: 37,000 Elite Offshore Accounts Outed, China Reacts to Protect Them and Censor the Story

CHINA: How Its Leader — Now the World's Most Powerful Man — Thinks

Noting that all of China's problems were related to each other and could not be tackled piecemeal, he declared that the “people-centered” reforms he was introducing would be “comprehensive economic, political, social and ecological” — bolstered by “Party building.”

CHINA: Where Will It Invest Hundreds of Billions?

CIA: Rethinking the Criterion for Assessing Cia-targeted Killings: Drones, Proportionality and Jus Ad Vim

CRIME: Euro Counterfeiters Busted in Spain

CULTURE: Chechnyan View of Russia and Sochi Olympics

CULTURE: One quarter of Americans has not read a single book in 2013

CYBER: DEFCON audio and video files

CYBER: Facebook Predicted to Lose 80% of Users by 2017

CYBER: ‘Fastest ever' broadband passes speed test

CYBER: global threat report: more than 50 threat actors

CYBER: Hackers Steal the Identities of All Doctors in Puerto Rico

CYBER: Romania arrests ‘Guccifer,' known for hacking ex-US President Bush

CYBER: Russian Spy Nodes Caught Snooping on Facebook Users

CYBER: skimmers at gas stations

GUANTANAMO: Camp X Ray movie

GUANTANAMO: five years after Obama's promise

IRAN: deal in danger

PAKISTAN: curse of the IEDs

SYRIA: critical role of Iran

SYRIA: doomed talks without Iran

SYRIA: fractured opposition

SYRIA: government rejects torture report

SYRIA: horizontal vs vertical evidence of war crimes

SYRIA: HRW criticizing US and other world powers

SYRIA: stalemate

SYRIA: Western hostages moved to other areas

THREAT: Malicious Cascading Failure of Power Grid

THREAT: megacities slums

Phi Beta Iota: The slums are not a threat. The slums are a clear indicator of the lack of legitimacy, the lack of intelligence with integrity, across all forms of human organization.

TURKEY: Turkish intel issues al-Qaeda-linked suicide attack warning

UK: citizen's attempted arrest of war criminal Tony Blair

UKRAINE: 24-hour deadline set by opposition

UKRAINE: Escvalating situation–ultimatum

UKRAINE: Euromaiden, an assessment

UKRAINE: mafia state vs mobilised citizens

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