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Berto Jongman

CHINA RISING:  DVN (Holdings) Limited Announces Appointment of Erik Prince as Chairman

CULTURE: American morality shifting substantially

CULTURE: Avoid false choices in the Middle East — Western apathy toward suffering immoral and politically short-sighted

CULTURE: Cities as Foundation for Organized Crime

CULTURE: Decay in the Middle East: Obama’s Historic Misunderstanding

CULTURE: Lessons from Iceland’s Recover (Ethics Priceless)

CULTURE: Teen Reported to Police After Finding Security Hole in Website

CULTURE: Turkey’s deep (criminal) state

CULTURE: The decay of the profession of arms (Thomas Ricks)

CYBER: Vulnerability in Siemens Switches allows hackers to gain admin access

FINANCE: Poaching Gives $19B a Year to Terrorists and Other Criminals?

INSTABILITY: Myth of our time – cheap nuclear power

INSTABILITY: Tiananmen Attack: Islamist Terror or Chinese Protest?

NSA: After 30 Years of Silence, the Original NSA Whistleblower Looks Back

WAR: 10,000 Killed in Southern Sudan

WAR: In Pictures, the Children of Syria’s Ghouta

WAR: Kenya carries out deadly air strike on al-Shabaab

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