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Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence
Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

BIG DATA: Rutgers Predicting Crime with Big Data, Affordably

BOOK: Company Man: Thirty Years of Controversy and Crisis in the CIA (John Rizzo as reviewed by Dina Temple-Raston)

BOOK: Quantum Jumps: An Extraordinary Science of Happiness and Prosperity (Cynthia Sue Larson)

CYBER: Intrusive Meta-Data

CYBER: Zeus Malware Targeting Small Banks and Credit Unions

DEATH: 25,000 Murdered in Venezuela

GEO: Ten Map Talks from TED

  1. Aris Venetikidis: Making sense of maps
  2. Lalitesh Katragadda: Making maps to fight disaster, build economies
  3. Steven Johnson: How the “ghost map” helped end a killer disease
  4. Frederic Kaplan: How to build an information time machine
  5. Eric Sanderson: New York — before the City
  6. Blaise Agüera y Arcas: Augmented-reality maps
  7. Stephen Lawler: Tour Microsoft's Virtual Earth
  8. Parag Khanna: Mapping the future of countries
  9. Allan Jones: A map of the brain
  10. Eric Berlow and Sean Gourley: Mapping ideas worth spreading

LAW ENFORCEMENT: RCMP Stops Al Qaeda Train Derailment

LEADERSHIP: Its About Emotional Connections

LIFE: Meat Atlas Charts Meat Eaters World-Wide

LIFE: Three Quarters of Large Carnivores Now in Decline

NSA: Chris Hedges and William Binney on Obama NSA Guidelines

Chris Hedges and NSA whistle-blower William Binney tell Paul Jay, in his “Reality Asserts Itself” program, that there should be accountability, including the President himself, for the criminal practices used by the NSA against the American people.

POWER: Al Jazeera Jonathan Turkey on Big Money and War — The Military-Industrial Complex at 50

POWER: Beyond the State

POWER: The Individual vs. The State: Who Will Have the Upper Hand in 2030?

Phi Beta Iota:  This is an industrial era dichotomy. The correct answer is neither – hybrid public governance rooted in shared information will nurture a constantly changing mix of alliances seeking win-wins. Anything less and the bacteria win.

TECH: Crowdsourcing S&T Forecasts (also GMU)

TECH: George Mason University Scientific Forecasting

TECH: Singularity – the truth about technology's greatest myth

WAR: Syrian Chemical Weapons Sites Under Attack

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