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Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence
Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

BOOK:  Religious Armed Conflict and Discrimination in the Middle East and North Africa: An Introduction

CYBER: Hook Analyser v3.0 malware analysis utility

CYBER: Space – the Final Frontier (for War)

CYBER: State of Russian monitoring & surveillance

DEA: DEA & DOJ Held Over 50 Secret Meetings with Cartels, in Violation of Agreements with Mexico, and Inclusive of Offering Arms & Cash for Information

LIFE: Digging for Lives — Russia's Volunteer Body Hunters

LIFE: Heat Map of World's Most Photographed Places

LIFE: Integral Life – The Fourth Turning

LIFE: Medication Transforms Roughest San Francisco School

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NSA: 10 Myths Debunked — Opting Out is Not an Option

NSA: Subsidizing Foreign Intelligence Services Includes US-Only Space & US-Only Equipment – the Dutch Example

NSA: The Totalitarian Temptation

OSINT: Oryon C OSINT Framework

Oryon C Portable is a web browser designed to assist researchers in conducting Open Source Intelligence investigations. Oryon comes with dozens of pre-installed tools and a select set of links cataloged by category – including those that can be found in the OI Shared Resources.

SECURITY: Cost of Securing Suchi Infographic

SECURITY: What UK Should Do About Foreign Fighters (VIDEO)

THREAT: Human infection with avian influenza A(H7N9) virus – update

THREAT: Proliferation of Advanced Conventional Weapons

THREAT: Shi'ite Foreign Fighters in Syria

THREAT: Syrian Opposition Fragmented

THREAT: Terrorism in Pakistan (Statistics for 2013)

WAR: “Basta Ya!”: On the Colombian Center for Historical Memory Report

WAR: South Sudanese Oil Town Bentiu Littered With Bodies

WHITE PAPER: Internal Audits and Identifying Emerging Risks

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