Emmanuel: Call for Speakers Hackers on Planet Earth (HOPE X) 18-20 JUL 14 NYC

Emmanuel Goldstein
Emmanuel Goldstein

HOPE X will take place on July 18-20 (Fri-Sun) 2014 at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City. HOPE stands for Hackers on Planet Earth, one of the most creative and diverse hacker events in the world.  It has been taking place very two years since 1994.

Below is the call for speakers, panelists, and events.

From: Emmanuel Goldstein
To: hope-x-announce@2600.COM
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2014 13:53:32 -0500
Subject: [hope-x-announce] HOPE X Call For Speakers

Attention all hackers, makers, whistleblowers, artists, phone phreaks,
rebels, technologists, and free thinkers everywhere! Come and share your
ideas, thoughts, and passions with thousands of really bright, creative,
and open-minded people in New York City this summer at HOPE X.

We have room for around 100 talks and panels covering a wide range of
topics, limited only by our collective imagination. Past talks and panels
have included: anonymity, surveillance and countersurveillance, social
engineering, hardware hacking, cryptography, privacy, security, censorship,
programming, democracy and law, digital protests, society hacking,
copyright, phone phreaking and telecommunications, new technologies, all
manner of experimentation, and so much more. We are constantly searching for innovative subjects and presentation formats. Come and show us what you’ve got!

All types of presentations are encouraged, from solo talks to panels,
debates, demonstrations, and interactive discussions. (Workshop ideas
and art exhibitions are also welcome – see the applicable sections on the
HOPE X site.) Most presentations will be allotted 55 minutes – including
time for questions from the audience.

If you would like to be a speaker, submit a title and a description of
the proposed presentation (two to three paragraphs) along with a short
biography (three or four sentences will suffice). Submissions should be
sent by email to speakers@hope.net. Be sure to tell us why you think
the topic and content are relevant to the hacker community and to HOPE X

We also recommend reading our additional tips on speaker submissions which can be found at http://x.hope.net under “Call for Participants.”

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