M. Johanna Smith: Science of Water Being Undermined by USG and EPA — Poisoned Water is Government Policy

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At the August 2012 Gordon Research Center Conference on DBPs of Chloraminated Drinking Water Systems multiple researchers presented material regarding the ulra carcinogenic DBPs of chloraminated water. In an extraordinary and draconian measure, EPA had one of their own researchers taken into federal remand.

Susan Richardson (1990's)
Susan Richardson (1990's)

Dr. Susan Richardson At the time the then EPA Risk Management Lab researcher (Athens GA)  was handcuffed and frogmarched out of the conference because a private email of hers had been leaked in part without her permission to a Tulsa newspaper. It was not lost on the rest of the conference what would happen to them if they publicly discussed the conference findings regarding chloramines. Over a year and a half later and upwards of 130 million people are uninformed of the serious health risks to them, their families, animals and wildlife nationwide.

Judy LaKind
Judy LaKind

Dr. Judy LaKind presented  material at the conference citing if a child swims once in a chloraminated public pool he/she will sustain lung damage.(“Pool Induced Asthma“). Think of infants swimming in a chloraminated pool – they must be at greater risk,  perhaps to  even  respiratory failure, and yet no one is discussing this publicly.

Hexavalent chromium affects over 189 utilities nationwide. It remains a serious issue which no one is discussing. Chloramines still leaches lead and no one is discussing this. In the near future a study will be released showing that 49 million Americans are at risk from radiation in their water due to leaks from nuclear power plants . Additionally many Americans have naturally generated radiation in their drinking water,  via mining and petroleum operations. Add to this fracking issues and you pretty much have the picture. Almost forgot the hundreds of refined chemicals that there are no test for their presence in water..That rounds it out. [Phi Beta Iota: to this we would add the drugs that are flushed into the sewage system and not filtered out completely when the water is “purified.”]

The American public blindly trusts the utilities. Flouride is a known poison and a toxic waste and yet it is continually added to our drinking water. It actually works to increase bioaccumulation of toxic heavy metals. Think what the combination of flouride and chloramines does: delivering toxic heavy metals and increasing  bioaccumulation of toxic heavy metals, and for good measure delivering the ultra carcinogenic iodic DBPs and/or NDMAs.

Here is  the kicker. Flouride makes people more docile. Who knows what is really in  water anyway. Everyone wonders why Americans are so  inactive.–could it be they are being sedated with flouride, or lithium? — who knows? You must be very careful how you write about water issues. The water  industry is extremely litigious.

We need to have  oversight truly advocating for public health in  drinking water issues and/or convert to  a transparent innovative water treatment technology. The same day Susan Richardson was taken into federal remand my business partner was as well. Do you think it is a coincidence that the man who invented the solution to the chloramines debacle was taken into federal remand the same day as Dr. Richardson?

Clearly we do have the paradigm shift. It may be we have to take the technology outside the USA. However my heart breaks for my fellow Americans who will wind up as my daughter did at MD Anderson or the Mayo Cliinic because this technology is suppressed.

At the moment our government is in shambles that few understand. Perhaps read this material and think it over. There has to be a strategy better than starting a water panic. However I am on the verge of that because I feel people have a fundamental right to information so important to their survival. I had the feeling you might help me think of someting ingenious. The solution to negativity is always creativity.

Kind regards,

Johanna Smith

The paradigm shift in water treatment is as follows:

Water Purifier
Water Purifier

Riverknot Joule 4 technology using a robust form of electrocoagulation, and employing no toxic chemicals:


Simultaneously reduces to EPA MCLs the 13 toxic heavy metals, mercury by nature more work, and the petroleum based carcinogens PCBs, PAHs and MTBEs, while removing 100% biological pathogens. Additionally RJ4 removes alpha and beta emitting substances of nuclear particulate.

Because the broad bandwidth of contaminant removal is simultaneously achieved through a single pass through a RJ4 unit, the traditional need for multiple pumping of water is ended, thus creating energy and associated carbon footprint savings of upwards of 1/3 for the industry.

Applications for RJ4 Technology

Petroleum – RJ4 has the capacity for recycling 100% produced waters, whereas the industry currently is about 33%. This would create a huge contribution towards water conservation worldwide and make it a closed and total recycling circuit .

Waste water– RJ4 can produce superior quality drinking water quality from wastewater. This is a solution for climate change drought issues, while ending the proliferation of ultra carcinogenic iodic DBPs and NDMAs ifrom chloramination issues with our surface water.

Surface Water– RJ4 has strength in removal of N&P and therefore is effective and affordable for dead zone renewal. It is appropriate for remediation of nuclear particulate. RJ4 be used on a barge or vessel saving capitol costs for multiple cleanups. Also for Hanford remediation.

Drinking WaterWith a small foot print RJ4 may be easily retrofit into failing utilities bringing compliance and affordable solutions for hexavalent chromium, toxic heavy metals, petroleum based carcinogens as well as its baseline superiority as a biocide at the cost of current failing technology. RJ4 retrofit would save the need for building new facilities. Also offering total transparency, remote monitoring and operations capacities, as well as mobility, it s the technology of the future providing additional protection from nuclear particulate at the same cost as failing chemical disinfection technology.

Ballast /Bilge Water– The idea that RJ4 uses no toxic chemicals is a major plus.  The less toxins aboard a ship the better. Space is another major concern RJ4 treatment solutions for a normal container ship would be housed in a 40 foot container whereas chemical solutions are generally 3 times that, without the efficacy of nuclear particulate removal. Moreover the other water needs of the ship can be treated with RJ4 as well as limiting chemical use and possible mishap. 

There are over 17 applications of RJ4. Americans could be put back to work remediating sites where OST says technology does not exist, but the funding is already in place. We are so sure of our technology we will share remote IT  monitoring. The unit will turn itself off if an unidentified contaminant is discovered. Thie would create the transparency that could recover public trust after the chloramines debacle.

 Riverknot Joule 4 Technology:

·      Produces superior finished water  

·      Treats all contaminants and renders them  less toxic or non-toxic

·      Uses no toxic chemicals, creates no sacrificial water

·      Creates no toxic by products

·      Has a small footprint

·      Has easy to maintain equipment simple and few moving parts.

·      The component parts may be made regionally creating jobs wherever it is employed

·      The electronics need to be built in a dry environment

·      The units can be configured for multiple uses

·      Units can be made mobile and used for emergency treatment.

·      Ideal for global warming applications due to broad bandwidth of contaminants treatable

·      Is energy efficient

·      Creates carbon footprint savings

·      Is affordable, and safe

·      Simple to train staff

·      Ends the threat of toxic spills and explosions for the utilities and communities the chemicals previously were delivered through

·      Can operate on a barge / truck bed so can save major capital costs

·      Solution for hexavalent chromium, all toxic  heavy metals, all biological pathogens and alpha and beta ray emitting substances of nuclear particulate in drinking water

·      Removes 100% evasive species in Ballast bilge water application while additionally removing multiple contaminants of toxic metals, radiation and petroleum based carcinogens

·      Solution for drought /drinking water issues

·      Energy savings and associated carbon footprint reduction upwards of 1/3

·      Post the Gordon Reference Conference it would seem RJ4 is the ideal disinfection for desalinization plants a solution for the iodic DBPs of chloramines

·      RJ4 would double or triple the production of most desal plants

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