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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

One of the social developments arising from the Iraq and Afghanistan debacles is the militarization of America’s police departments. Almost every week I read about SWAT teams armed with cast off military hardware breaking into homes all too often killing innocents. It isn’t just the weaponry it is also the attitude that such weaponry engenders in police many of whom already have authority issues. Here is one of maybe 15 stories I have read in the last month. Few in the mainstream media are covering this, but I think it is a major social trend with a long string of negative consequences.

The Absurdly Dangerous Militarization of America’s Police
JIM HIGHTOWER – Salon/AlterNet (U.S.)

I grew up at a time when the NRA was just a group of adults who cared about gun safety. I learned shooting from a Boy Scout leader who was also an NRA instructor. Now it is something quite different, a lobbying organization promoting unregulated gun ownership and use and, I think, an evil entity. Here is an example of why I think this.

NRA News Fights For The Right To Leave Unsecured Guns Around Children
TIMOTHY JOHNSON – Media Matter for America

This is a snap shot of what America’s gun psychosis produces. I heard Bill O’Reilly say the other night that smoking grass was like putting a gun to your head, Russian Roulette. He says so many stupid things, I always find it amazing that anyone watches his show, but millions do, which tells you something about portions o! f the U.S. population. But this one really caught my attention for its unintended irony. Thousands die each year from gun shots; over a century of statistics there is not a single provable death resulting from overuse of Marijuana.

Welcome to Lowe’s! How May I Shoot You? (P.S. 23 Kids Accidentally Shot Last Week)

The hysteria over drugs that change our state of consciousness, not just our moods, has blocked all manner of possible medical research, causing untold suffering. Here is an example of what I mean.

Take LSD, Stay Out of Prison? Large Study Links Psychedelic Use to Reduced Recidivism
ERIC W. DOLAN – The Raw Story

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